【Family Mart】New Products of the week!


I will pick up and introduce several new products to be released in Osaka from “Family Mart’s New Products of the Week”. They will be on sale from April 30.

Rice ball with Salmon & salmon roe

Nationwide Release
149 yen (includes tax)

It’s a combination of the perfect combination of salmon and salmon roe. You can feel the taste of salmon from the first bite by putting the soup stock at the time of cooking.

Teriyaki Chicken & Egg Sandwich

Nationwide Release
298 yen (includes tax)

It is a sandwich that combines two types of chicken (thigh and muscle) with boiled Teriyaki sauce and boiled egg and leaf.

Yakiniku & mayonnaise toast sandwich

Nationwide Release
158 yen (includes tax)

It is a toast with mayonnaise, sanded with onion filling on bread, with onion-containing corn filling, well-flavored beef carb filling on the surface.

Bischoco danish

Nationwide Release
128 yen (includes tax)

Dice chocolate and chip chocolate were sprinkled in the Danish cream in which chocolate cream was folded, and biscuit dough was placed and baked neatly.

Large Serving Spicy Cod Row (Mentaiko) Spaghetti

Nationwide Release
430 yen (includes tax)

By topping the moist roasted Mentaiko, you can now feel the grain feeling of Mentaiko. By adding mayonnaise with a hidden taste in Mentai sauce, mellow is added.

Fried Chikuwa with cheese

Nationwide Release
298 yen (includes tax)

It is fried Chikuwa with cheese familiar in a tavern.
(Chikwa is a fish meat minced meat wrapped around a stick such as bamboo and baked or steamed processed food.)

Consomme soup
with half days worth of vegetables

Nationwide Release
398 yen (includes tax)

A soup with a refreshing tomato sour taste.

Charcoal-grilled duck meatloaf
with salted green onion

Nationwide Release
Limited quantities

148 yen (includes tax)

The minced duck meat has more red meat than chicken meat, and it is characterized by firm meat quality and good texture and strong flavor.

Pudding a la mode

Nationwide Release
490 yen (includes tax)

A nostalgic sweet with topped with vanilla custard pudding and homemade custard pudding and colorful fruit.