【Family Mart】New Products of the week!


I will pick up and introduce several new products to be released in Osaka from “Family Mart’s New Products of the Week”. They will be on sale from May 7.


Nationwide Release
128 yen (includes tax)

Inari sushi and curry were combined. Curry stir-fry is topped in curry-flavored vinegar rice.

Gourmet Sand Chicken Nanban

Nationwide Release
348 yen (includes tax)

Chicken nanban, cabbage, etc. are sanded in the “Gourmet Sand” exclusive bread that is soft to the edge of bread.

Gourmet Sand Napolitan

Nationwide Release
220 yen (includes tax)

Serve napolitan on egg sand and sandwich with soft bread for “gourmet sand” soft to the edge of bread.

Whipped Melon Bread

Nationwide Release
138 yen (includes tax)

A melon bread with plenty of whipped cream using “milk” and “salt vanilla”.

Soup-less Noodle
with broth flavored soy sauce

Nationwide Release
498 yen (includes tax)

Noodle is a sticky texture with whole grains added. Topped with pork, Chinese cabbage, spinach, bonito and green onion with soy sauce made with mackerel and dried sardine.

Cold pasta with steamed chicken basil sauce

Nationwide Release
398 yen (includes tax)

It is a cold pasta where you can enjoy the texture of “plump and smooth”. It features a rich sauce with basil puree and sauce, olive oil and parmesan cheese. It is perfect with steamed chicken with a moist texture.

Sea chicken and egg pasta salad

Nationwide Release
298 yen (includes tax)

It is a salad using Italian pasta to eat with a combination of sea chicken and egg.

Charcoal grilled chicken
Obiniku (oyster meat) with sauce

Nationwide Release
Limited Quantities
138 yen (includes tax)

It is a rare part that can only take about two from one. It is a site with a high rate of red meat located at the center of the thigh. It has a taste that is juicy enough to bite.

Omatcha pudding -Uji Matcha-

Nationwide Release
258 yen (includes tax)

It’s a pudding that tastes matcha with pudding and sauce using Uji-matcha. Topped with Hokkaido whipped cream.

Cold eaten pie corone

Nationwide Release
145 yen (includes tax)

Milk whipped cream is enhanced and crispy puff pastry is used.