【Family Mart】New Products of the week!


I’m sorry that I could not introduce new products last week! I will pick up and introduce several new products to be released in Osaka from “Family Mart’s New Products of the Week”. They will be on sale from May 21.

Otoko meshi
Arabiki Sausage Rice Ball

Nationwide Release
149 yen (tax included)

It is a savory sausage that has coarse meat and has a texture. It is seasoned with teriyaki and glaze, and mayonnaise is topped between rice and sausage.

Hand Roll Sushi, Tuna Yukke

Nationwide Release
158 yen (Tax included)

Kochujang and egg yolk sauce is the point of seasoning. It is a thick tailoring of eating vinegared rice.

Japanese style soy sauce bowl with chicken breast and vegetables.

Nationwide Release
498 yen (Tax included)

Raw chicken meat and seven kinds of vegetables are topped. It is characterized by the taste that becomes peculiar in soy sauce sauce that feels the flavor of garlic.

Roast beef sandwich

Nationwide Release
399 yen (Tax included)

The roast beef and the green leaf which used beef thigh meat are sanded. It is seasoned with spicy wasabi mountain wasabi sauce and soy sauce with onion.

Tortilla teriyaki chicken

Nationwide Release
398 yen (Tax included)

Juicy chicken fried with teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise.

Hot with numbness!
Dan-dan udon noodle

Nationwide Release
460 yen (Tax included)

Smoothness and chewiness are the characteristic udon. Dan-dan soup with red pepper and Sichuan pepper, and topped with minced meat and soba, cucumber and chili oil mixed with green onion.

Carbonara-style spaghetti salad

Nationwide Release
298 yen (Tax included)

It is seasoned with quatro cheese sauce using mayonnaise and egg sauce. Bacon accented with black pepper.

Curry sauce hamburg steak

Nationwide Release
398 yen (Tax included)

Curled in a full-fledged curry sauce using garam masala on a hamburger with black pepper.

Wrapped with baked grilled salty noodles and Mentai sauce.

Nationwide Release
430 yen (Tax included)

The cabbage is seasoned firmly and wrapped in Mentai sauce.

Flagrant Uji matcha parfait

Nationwide Release
258 yen (Tax included)

Use Uji Matcha rich in flavor and aroma. In addition to the taste of Matcha mousse using Uji Matcha green tea and Matcha jelly, black honey mousse and crumble are accented.

Annin Tofu (Almond Jelly) is a drink.

Nationwide Release
Familymart limited
Limited quantities

248 yen (Tax included)

Family mart made “Annin Tofu” (Almond jelly), which is popular for dessert, a large-capacity beverage. It is a black tapioca perfect for filling belly.