【Family Mart】New Products of the week!


I will pick up and introduce several new products to be released from “Family Mart’s New Products of the Week”. They will be on sale from May 28.

Friend of Hand-rolled rice ball
Fragrant Shrimp!
Delicious & spicy XO sauce .

Nationwide Release
128 yen (Tax-included)

It features an XO sauce filled with the taste of shrimp. After frying the chopped garlic, white green onion, and dried shrimp, seasonings containing shrimp and scallop flavors were added, and XO sauce made with hacho miso were used.

Plenty of ingredients!
Grilled pork ribs.

Nationwide Release
138 yen (Tax-included)

After seasoning the pork and green onion with salt, it was grilled to add fragrant flavor. It is a taste that is accented with charred oil and black pepper.

Grilled Double Miso pork bowl

Nationwide Release
540 yen (Tax-included)

It is made double bowl that can be enjoyed with sweet and savory miso. After roasting pork belly meat, the flavor was improved by putting in the process of roasting. It’s also topped the fried leek with sprouts.

Sicuan style mapo tofu bowl with spicy sauce

Nationwide release
398 yen (Tax-included)

Depending on the season, it is made to add pungent and to suit the rice. It is mapo tofu seasoned with 3 kinds of sauce, chicken stock and oyster sauce. Chinese chili bean sauce, sweet soy sauce, chicken stock etc. are added to the pork, and it is characterized by umami and richness that are drawn out carefully.

Grilled Cheese Bread
(Tuna & Cream cheese)

Nationwide Release
138 yen (Tax-included)

French bread dough is wrapped in tuna and cheese cream, topped with cheese and fragrant and baked.

Soft muffin
(Strawberry & Whipped cream)

Nationwide Release
130 yen (Tax-included)

It is baked with strawberry jam wrapped in fluffy muffin dough, and is filled with whipped cream.

A lot of fried green onion salad

Nationwide Release
One week (5/28 – 6/3) Limited

398 yen (Tax-included)

A hearty salad with plenty of fried green onions and sweet and soy sauce. Japanese style onion dressing is included.

Fami Chicken (Salty Lemon)

Nationwide Release
Limited Quantities

180 yen (Tax-included)

It is a refreshing taste of delicacy that is marinated in seasoning liquid of chicken thigh meat with rock salt and lemon juice.

Shinjuku Nakamuraya supervised special beef curry bread

Nationwide Release
100 yen (Tax-included)

A special beef curry pan supervised by Shinjuku Nakamuraya.

Pudding square crepe

Nationwide Release
168 yen (Tax-included)

Crepe dough with a glutinous texture using glutinous barley flour is used. It is a crepe that wraps the whole whip and pudding blended with Hokkaido production cream.

Rare cheese puff cream

Nationwide Release
135 yen (Tax-included)

A refreshing rare cheese cream shoe made with Danish cream cheese.