【Family Mart】Popular thick milk ice cream, “Taberu Bokujoh Milk”, is now a frappe!


FamilyMart’s Taberu Bokujoh Milk Frappe, a frozen drink from FamilyMart, went on sale in stores nationwide on Saturday, June 27, 2020.

Famima’s popular milk ice cream is back in frappe form

The Taberu Bokujoh Milk Frappe continues in 2019 with a twist on the popular original Taberu Bokujoh Milk ice cream with a frozen drink, Frappe. This drink faithfully recreates the taste of ice cream, which is characterized by its rich milkiness and clean aftertaste, and offers a rich milkiness and crunchy texture.

Taberu Bokujoh Milk Frappe

【Release Date】June 27 (sat), 2020
【Price】320 yen (including tax)
【Store】FamilyMart nationwide