【Family Mart Nationwide】Five sweets using Amaou strawberries will be released nationwide from 24th.


From Family Mart, new sweets of Amaou strawberries supervised by the tea brand Afternoon Tea have appeared. It will be sold at approximately 16,600 Family Mart stores nationwide from March 17 (Tuesday) in the East Japan area and from March 24 (Tuesday) in the West Japan area.

Family mart × afternoon tea,
all five kinds of sweet sweets

Amaou Strawberry Sweets is a new sweets supervised by Afternoon Tea, which was released at Family Mart nationwide in 2019 and gained popularity. This year, the second year, they propose a baked confection that goes with black tea, using the brand “Amaou strawberry” from Fukuoka Prefecture.

Roll cake wrapped with sponge dough, cream of Amao strawberries, sponge dough cake, Baumkuchen sandwiched with amaou strawberries fruit sauce, chocolate cookie using amaou strawberries jam, caramel strawberry jams All five types of combined Florentin products will be released.

Pretty package design

Haruka Toshimitsu, an illustrator who also collaborates on gift items for afternoon tea and tea rooms, is in charge of package design. The delicate touch combined with the soft colors make her look like strawberries and rabbits reminiscent of the coming of spring. The cute package will enhance your spring mood♪


Family Mart Afternoon Tea Supervised New Sweets
【Release Date】Family Mart West Japan Area, March 24 (Tue)
【Store】Family Mart nationwide
【Price】Please check below.

Amaou strawberry roll cake

160 yen (Tax included)

Amaou strawberry pound cake

150 yen (Tax included)

Baumkuchen of Amaou strawberry

160 yen (Tax included)

Melting chocolate cookie Amaou strawberry

168 yen (Tax included)

Amaou Strawberry Florentin

150 yen (Tax included)