【Fashion】DHC released “Cool / Hip protection shorts”.

From the innerwear department of DHC, “Cool / Hip protection shorts” has been released, which allows you to catch the stomach flab and catch the hip line beautifully in an ageless round butt.

1,600 yen (+Tax)

Hip compensation shorts

“Cool / Hip protection shorts” are shorts with hip compensation.
The back side is a six-leaf draping design, while keeping the feminine roundness, leads to a clean hip line. Since the back of the power net is attached to the stomach side, it is possible to cover not only the “butt overhangs” but also the “stomach fat”.

Cotton blend which is highly elastic and gentle on the skin is excellent in water-absorbing quick-drying, so it does not bother you easily and you can wear it comfortably even in hot summer.

The color is 2 colors like mocha that is familiar and soft to the skin and cool saxophone like summer.

Item Information

“Cool / Hip protection shorts”

【Price】1,690 yen (+Tax) → 1,600 yen (+tax) for limited time.
【Size】S, M, L, LL
【Color】Mocha, Sax