【Fashion】Milk 2019 Summer Collection-A fantastic world where “sea creatures” invite.

The 2019 summer collection of MILK was announced. This season, you can enjoy a variety of patterns such as jellyfish print floating in the sea, berry pattern sprinkled with bright red coral, classical lemon pattern, refreshing stripe pattern, etc.

Lemoney Dress : 25,800 yen (+Tax)

About MILK

Milk is a women’s fashion brand in Japan and one of the legendary brands that has built Harajuku’s street culture.

Girly and adult mixed girly and romantic items are characterized by a slightly exciting taste that can not be settled only by being cute. They suggest cute things that make girls’ hearts heart-warming every season, such as playful laces, basic items with frills, and prints with pure and happy images. Special items such as babydoll dresses, camisoles and miniskirts are casual and lady-like.

Fantastic jellyfish print

Jellyfish all in one dress : 34,000 yen (+Tax)

What attracts attention is an all-in-one dress with the motif “jellyfish” floating in the ocean. An all-in-one dress with a fantastic jellyfish designed to shake as it walks. A deep slit in the hem, with frills there, creates a floating feeling like jellyfish.

What it coordinated was items inspired by sea creatures. The styling includes a blouson that expresses the “starfish” motif with a delicate lace, a shell bag that shines like an aurora, and an earring that features a shell-type charm.

Classical fruit pattern

Berry T-shirt : 9,800 yen (+Tax)
Sand Lyon Skirt : 21,000 yen (+Tax)

Juicy fruit patterns such as salmon and lemon are also attractive. Berry-patterned puff sleeve dress is exceptionally romantic with the addition of lace and frill details. The long skirt is also casual plus a gingham check. Somewhat nostalgic, classic lemon patterns are interspersed with soothing beige-colored dresses and apron-style skirts.

Refreshing blue stripes

Put the blue stripe pattern on the dress. It brings a refreshing mood to a feminine strap dress accented with a bright red ribbon and a boyish shirt dress.

Store information


【Address】Tennoji Mio Plaza 2F
10-48 Hideninmachi, Tennoji-ward, Osaka
【Hour】10:00 – 21:00
【Online Store】 https://shop.milk-inc.com/