【Fashion Feature】 Spring 2022 Bag For Ladies From women’s dream brands to fashionable new products!

New bags that will make women’s hearts flutter will appear from popular brands for the spring of 2022. For those who are starting a new life, there are totes that can be used for commuting to work or school, and for those who want to enjoy light spring fashion, there are trendy small bags. …… Find the bag of your choice and enjoy spring fashion in 2022 as much as you like.

Luxury brand bags that can be enjoyed for “a lifetime

<Dior> New small size for the popular “Book Tote” bag

The Dior Book Tote series of women’s bags, which has been steadfastly popular at DIOR, now comes in a new small size. With a compact width of 25.6 cm, it is perfect for daily use. Elegant designs are available, including the “Dior Oblique,” which is easy to match with coordinated outfits.

Dior Spring 2022 New Women’s Bags
Dior Oblique (blue) 374,000 yen

<Dior> “Dior Caro” bag in colored denim

Dior is also focusing on the new “Dior Caro” bag, which is a bag of timeless elegance. The “Macrocanage” color denim, which expands the Maison’s iconic geometric “canage (lattice)” pattern, is finished with tone-on-tone detailing. The design is elegant and cute, brightening up a coordinated look.

■Dior Spring 2022 New Women’s Bag
Dior Caro 506,000 yen

<LOUIS VUITTON> Iconic bag made of “denim

LOUIS VUITTON’s new spring collection focuses on iconic bags in denim: the Dauphine MM shoulder bag with an eye-catching LV circle lock, and the Loop half-moon baguette bag in vintage-style denim with a Monogram pattern.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2022 New Women’s Bags
Example prices: “Dauphine MM” 429,000 yen, “Loop” 293,700 yen

<LOUIS VUITTON> Iconic “Capucine” bag in pop bi-color

Louis Vuitton also recommends the Capucine, perfect for the warm season. The new capucine is reminiscent of juicy fruit, and the “LV initials” in a different color from the body make it stand out even more than usual.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2022 new women’s bags
Example price: “Capucine MINI” 588,500 yen

<LOUIS VUITTON> “Capucine” in Giant Monogram Flower

In addition, Louis Vuitton has arrived with the “Capucine” featuring pastel-colored Giant Monogram Flowers. The Giant Monogram Flower combines trillon leather and smooth leather to express different textures and luster. It will be available in three color patterns: green, pink, and brown.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2022 New Women’s Bags
Price example: “Capucine BB” 847,000 yen

<Valentino> Shoulder with “one-studded” studs, the star of the show.

Valentino Garavani’s iconic “Roman Studs” bag joins the new “One Studs” bag for Spring/Summer 2022. The iconic studs have been boldly reinterpreted, with only one “stud” as a point of reference. The shoulder bag and mini pouch with petite chains are as elegant as accessories.

Valentino Spring 2022 New Women’s Bags
Shoulder bag (19x14x11cm)from 369,600 yen
Pouch (10×8×5cm) 165,000 yen

<Alexander McQueen> “Four Rings Satchel” with four shining rings

Alexander McQueen’s new bag is the Falling Satchel, an update of the iconic Jeweled Falling handle, featuring four metal pieces. It can be carried on the shoulder or cross-body, and is available in a variety of colors including black, tan, and soft ivory.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2022 New Women’s Bags
Example price: “Falling Satchel” 203,500 yen

<Bulgari>New “Serpenti Ellipse” with half-moon silhouette

BVLGARI’s new bag, the Serpenti Ellipse, has a retro mood with its smooth half-moon lines. The bag comes with a thicker chain design and a leather strap that can be adjusted to any length, allowing you to change the style of the bag at will. The iconic snake head is also a key feature.

Bulgari Spring 2022 new women’s bag
Example price: “Serpenti Ellipse” 242,000 yen

<Bulgari> “Primavera” bag in floral print inspired by jewelry

Also from Bulgari is the “Primavera” collection, available only in Japan, featuring a floral pattern reminiscent of two iconic pieces of jewelry, which, together with the pale pink, will bring spring to the city. The “Bulgari Logo” tote bag, popular for its ease of use and simple logo design, will be available in two sizes.

Bulgari Spring 2022 New Ladies’ Bags
Example price: “Bulgari Logo” tote bag, calf (W33 x H26 x D11.5cm), 401,500 yen

<Jimmy Choo> Pale floral satin bag and gradient-colored crystal bag

JIMMY CHOO proposes feminine bags that will enliven the spring 2022 season. The lineup includes a satin bag decorated with a pale, floating floral print and a handbag with sparkling gradient-colored pavé crystals.

Jimmy Choo Spring 2022 new women’s bags
Example price: Bonnie (L20 x W8 x H13) 128,700 yen

<MULBERRY>”Softy” soft quilted bag “like a pillow

MULBERRY’s new “Softy” bag reminds one of a soft and fluffy “pillow. Combining the highest quality nappa leather and thick feathers, this fluffy quilted bag will make you feel happy just by carrying it. In addition to the “Softy,” which comes with both a top handle and shoulder strap, a smaller size and a tote bag type are also available.

■Mulberry Spring 2022 New Women’s Bags
Example price: Softy, 225,750 yen