【Fashion Feature】 Spring 2022 “White Sneakers” for Women, “Ally of Coordination” from Clean to Casual

White sneakers, which match a wide range of women’s styles from beautiful to casual, will surely become a must-have item for coordination during the spring and summer seasons, when people want to wear brightly colored clothes. From the new sneakers in the 2022 spring/summer collection of high-end brands and sports brands, we have selected a pair of excellent sneakers that will become your ally in your spring/summer coordination.

High-brand women’s white sneakers

<Prada & adidas>”Forum High & Low” sneakers with mini pouch

The sneakers from the “adidas for Prada Linylon” by PRADA and adidas (adidas) are a brushed-up version of the Forum High and Forum Low in Linylon fabric. A detachable Prada mini pouch attachment with Prada’s signature enamel metal triangle logo is added.

■ Women’s White Sneakers for Spring 2022
adidas for Prada Re-Nylon Forum LOW ¥116,600
adidas for Prada Re-Nylon Forum HI ¥152,900

<Balenciaga>”Phantom” with multi-layered mesh upper and arched sole

Balenciaga, which has been producing popular models one after another, recommends the new “Balenciaga Phantom Sneaker. The upper, which is made up of multiple layers of material, is composed of different mesh materials. By also combining the materials originally used for the inside, the specifications are such that the color will intentionally change with the number of times they are worn and with the passage of time.

■Women’s White Sneakers for Spring 2022
Phantom Sneakers 114,400 yen

<Maison Margiela x Reebok> Classic Leather Tavi Decortiche Low

The “Classic Leather Tabi Decortique Low” sneaker, a collaboration between Maison Margiela and Reebok, is based on the original form and pattern of Reebok’s “Classic Leather” sneaker, with the distinctive toe section reinterpreted by Maison Margiela, incorporating details from Maison Margiela’s “Tabi” shoes.

■Women’s White Sneakers for Spring 2022
Classic Leather Tabi Decortique Low” White leather, ¥80,300

White sneakers to match with beautiful style

<Miu Miu x New Balance> “574” arranged with “uncut denim

The collaboration sneaker between MIU MIU and New Balance is a hot item this season. Based on New Balance’s iconic “574,” the sneakers are arranged in “uncut” denim. The design has the elegance and loveliness typical of Miu Miu. In addition to pure white, beige and navy are also available.

Women’s White Sneakers for Spring 2022
Miu Miu x New Balance 95,700 yen *planned price

<VANS> “Authentic” white sneakers in grained leather

The “Authentic” sneaker is the first pair of the Vans brand and is loved as an eternal classic icon. The new “Authentic” sneakers feature a grained leather upper and are united in the same color scheme. The new “Authentic” sneakers can be worn as dress shoes with the attached round laces, making them perfect for a clean look.

Spring 2022 Women’s White Sneakers
Authentic leather 9,900 yen