【FENDI Nationwide】FENDI will release a Japanese limited bag with a cherry blossom motif!

FENDI has introduced a Japanese-only bag “Peekaboo Iconic Mini” with a cherry blossom motif. It will go on sale at Fendi stores from March 2020.

Peekaboo Iconic Mini “508,000 yen each + tax (For Japan Only)

Cherry blossom viewing

The Japanese-only “Peekaboo Iconic Mini” is a bag inspired by traditional Japanese cherry-blossom viewing events, with a Fendi iconic “Peekaboo” decorated with a mink fur cherry motif. The body is made of the finest calf leather “Seleria”, which is characterized by its moist, high-quality feel and softness, and the bright pink mink fur adds a gorgeous mood.

The model is available in two models: a combination of powdered pink with cherry-white lining and a combination of pale pale blue with beige lining. All processes are finished by hand of skilled craftsmen, making this a product full of craftsmanship.


Fendi Japan Exclusive Bag “Peekaboo Iconic Mini”

【Release Date】March, 2020
【Price】 508,000 yen each + tax
【Store】Fendi retail store, Fendi official online store
【Store in Osaka】Fendi Flag Store Osaka (Shinsaibashi), Hankyu Umeda, Daimaru Shinsaibashi, Takashimaya