【Festival in Maishima!】The second annual Ookini Festival 2020 is coming up on the 30th!

It’s times like these that make “More energy for Osaka! More Ookini! (Ookini = Thanks)” On Sunday, August 30th, Ookini Arena Maishima will hold an event that will make everyone smile and cheer up with the slogan, “The world is a big place!

What’s Ookini Festival !?

Last year, the first Ookini Festival was held for the first time, a festival with athlete, e-sports and food content. In the midst of the COVID-19 calamity, the decision to hold the second event this year was made after much deliberation with all the parties involved until the last minute. This year’s event will be an all-day event with a variety of sports, live music, market and food content.

The event will be held and managed in accordance with the guidelines issued by Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City and the Sports Agency to prevent the spread of the new COVID-19. Staff and vendors will also be required to wear masks, wash their hands, practice coughing etiquette, and take body temperature on a daily basis.


【Arena Event】
<Sports Zone Main Arena>
■ Osaka Evessa vs. Kyoto Hanneries Open Practice Match
The first ever Osaka Evessa for the 2020-21 season!

■ Ookini Platinum 3×3 Exhibition Match
They are having a one-day 3×3 at the Ookini Festival!
“NINJA AIRS” and other top class players! Don’t miss the hot game!

■ Ookini U12 3×3 Cup
Last year, we had a very exciting U12 3×3 tournament tournament!
For a winning team, this year is so much better! giving away prizes!
*Entries for the 3×3 event must be made in advance at the Ookini Matsuri official website.

<Sub Arena>
■ Ookini Challenge Attraction BY Maishima Project
Football, basketball and baseball challenge attractions!
Let’s move our bodies a lot and play.

【Event Plaza Event】
<Live zone>
■ Ookini Music Festival
They are going to end the summer with an outdoor concert in Maishima! 17 idols and artists from the Kansai area will be gathered together.
Listen to the music and cheer up!

<Market Zone>
■ Ookini x Spins Special Market
SPINNS, an apparel brand, will hold a special market.
Find your favorite piece, which you can only buy at the Okini Festival.

<Food Zone>
■ The Great Kitchen Car Collection
A collection of delicious kitchen car gourmets, all powered up from last year!
A wide variety of food and sweets! Taste the kitchen car gourmet.

* For more information, see the official website of the “Ookini Festival 2020“!

Ookini Festival 2020

【Date & Time】August 30 (Sun) Opening at 9:00 9:30~17:30
【Location】Ookini Arena Maishima
【Address】2-2-15, Kitako Midori, Konohana-ku, Osaka City
【Admission Fee】Free
【Official Site】http://matsuri.ookini.jp