【For Gift】 First from Gerard Pique Sleep! Bedding set and Dumbo-shaped pillow from Disney’s “Dumbo” movie!

Gelato Pique Sleep will launch the first “Dumbo” collection from the Disney movie “Dumbo Collection. The “Disney DUMBO COLLECTION” bedding sets and other items will be available at select Gelato Pique stores from July 22 (Fri.), 2022.

Bedding set from the Disney movie Dumbo

Gelato Pique Sleep, born from Gelato Pique, is a brand that offers bedding and other bed-related items based on the concept of “melting into a deep sleep so deep that you forget to dream. The brand offers bedding and other bed-related items based on the concept of “melting into a deep sleep so deep you’ll forget you ever dreamed of it.

Dumbo / Printed pillow case 2,530 yen

This year’s lineup will include an adorable bedding set, quilt kets, and cuddle pillows based on the Disney movie “Dumbo.

Flying Dumbo Duvet Covers & Sheets

The best of all is the bedding series that depicts Dumbo, the first person to fly in the sky, and the iconic “clouds” of the Gelato Pique Sleep line with a soft touch. The series includes quilt covers, pillowcases, box sheets, and other items designed using a thick, light-textured material.

Dumbo / Printed 3-piece set (single) 12,980 yen

“Dumbo” quilted blanket that looks like a marshmallow

The quilted blanket has a “fluffy and sticky” marshmallow-like texture and is embroidered with a patchwork illustration of Dumbo flying in the sky. Available in off-white and blue, you can choose your favorite color.

Dumbo / Quilted blanket with patchwork embroidery 8,360 yen

Moderately BIG Dumbo-shaped hugging pillow

The Dumbo shaped hugging pillow is made of “powder” material, which has a fluffy yet light feeling. It is a moderately large size, and has a cuteness that makes you want to hold on to it with both hands forever.

Dumbo / Dummy pillow 11,880 yen

Dumbo Hair Cap

This hair cap with big ears is a unique item that allows you to be Dumbo at home. It is recommended for putting together wet hair after taking a bath.

Dumbo / Water-absorbing cap 3,740 yen


gelato pique Sleep “Disney DUMBO COLLECTION

【Release Date】 Friday, July 22, 2022
【Store】 gelato pique Omotesando Hills store, Lumine Yurakucho store, LUCUA Osaka store, Bandai Billboard Place store, LaLaport Fukuoka store
*Contact each store for handling times and availability.
*Pre-sale on the official online store will begin at 12:00 on June 24 (Fri.).
【Official Website】 https://gelatopique.com/