【For Gift】 Limited edition cookie tins of Kyoto Kitayama MALEBRANCHE, including new sablet & popular Langdosha “Tea Leaf” cookies, are now on sale!

Kyoto-based confectionery store “Kyoto Kitayama MALEBRANCHE” has released “MALEBRANCHE Cookie Stories,” a tin of cookies commemorating its 40th anniversary, which will be available in limited quantities from October 1, 2022 (Sat) at MALEBRANCHE stores in Kyoto City.

MALEBRANCHE Cookie Stories, a commemorative cookie tin celebrating the company’s 40th anniversary.

MALEBRANCHE Cookie Stories” is a cookie tin commemorating the 40th anniversary of MALEBRANCHE in Kitayama, Kyoto, featuring an assortment of cookies from each era and the new “Fir Tree Sable. The tin is available in S and M sizes.

MALEBRANCHE Cookie Stories S size 2,970 / M size 4,968 yen The photo shows M size!

New pistachio sablé & popular cookies such as “Cha no ka”

The tin contains “Kitayama Honten Chef Cookie,” a “house” shaped cookie made with plenty of fermented butter from Hokkaido, and the new “Fir Tree Sable,” a pistachio-scented cookie, as well as “Cha no Kwa,” a dark tea langdosha that symbolizes the patisserie. The “Four Seasons Mulangu” is a sweet and sour raspberry chocolate sandwiched between two adorable flower articles. One tin of this product will allow you to fully enjoy the charm of MALEBRANCHE in Kitayama, Kyoto.

MALEBRANCHE Cookie Stories S size 2,970 / M size 4,968 yen The photo shows M size!


MALEBRANCHE Cookie Stories

【Sales Period】 October 1, 2022 (Sat.) – scheduled for late December (scheduled for late December)
* Limited quantities will be available and will end as soon as they are gone.
【Store】 MALEBRANCHE Kitayamamoto Store, Romantic Forest, JR Kyoto Isetan Store (store), Daimaru Kyoto Store, Kyoto Takashimaya Store, Hachijoguchi Store (reservation required), Arashiyama Store (reservation required), Kyoto Tower Sand Store (reservation required), Kiyomizu-zaka Store (reservation required), “Romantic Forest Cafe” at JR Kyoto Isetan Store (reservation required), Kakaa 365 Gion Store (reservation required), Asty Kyoto Store (reservation required)
【Price】 S size 2,970 / M size 4,968 yen
【Official Website】 https://www.malebranche.co.jp/products/40th-anniversary-cookie-stories/