【For Gift】 Q-pot has just released a new accessory with an “Obake (Ghost)” motif!

Q-pot. has released a new accessory, “Strawberry Oba (Ghost) Cake,” which has been available at Q-pot. directly-managed stores since September 16, 2022.

“Strawberry Oba Cake” necklace and bag charms

Q-pot.’s new “Strawberry Obacake” is an accessory reminiscent of the “Fluffy Floating Obake Plate” served at Q-pot CAFE. The cake faithfully depicts the sticky gyuhi, the crushed strawberries, and even the tart dough that serves as the cake’s base. The visual of the “Obake-chan” holding the strawberries is adorable.

Two types of items are available: necklaces and bag charms. Both accessories are finished with black ribbons for a romantic look.

“Trick Ghost” necklace with “macarons snacked on”.

On the same day, a macaron version will join the popular Halloween “Trick Ghost” series. Based on the unique premise of “snacking on macarons before a party,” the necklace features a ghost motif that reveals the macarons in the stomach. The limited edition set also includes a limited-edition bottle package.

Trick Ghost Tea Time Necklace Set *includes special package 24,200 yen

Interchangeable teacups and charms are also available.

The ghost motif is an adorable design with a teacup on its head. The teacups come in two colors, strawberry macaroon and mint macaroon, and can also be interchanged with white charms (sold separately). The design can also be freely arranged by adding table charms for cups and saucers or mirror charms.

Right) Trick Ghost Tea Time Necklace Set *includes special package 24,200 yen
Floating Table Charm 4,950 yen

Earrings and earrings for matching coordination

In addition, earrings and pierce with the same design as the necklace charms are also available. You can enjoy matching coordination with the ghosts.

Ghost hand mirror earrings 4,950 yen


Q-pot. new accessories

【Release Date】 Friday, September 16, 2022
【Store】 Q-pot. Omotesando Main Store / Takashimaya Shinjuku Store / Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi Store / Ikspiari Store / LUCUAI-LE Store (Osaka) / Q-pot. ONLINE SHOP (from 10:00)
*Each person may purchase up to one item of each item.