【For Gift】 YOKU MOKU’s Christmas Collection 2022, including a limited edition can design depicting Swedish elves, is now on sale!

YOKU MOKU has introduced a seasonal product, “YOKU MOKU Christmas Collection 2022,” in a limited Christmas package.

YOKU MOKU Christmas Collection 2022

The theme of the 2022 Christmas collection is “Merry Christmas from JOKKMOKK*” – Christmas with Jools Tomte. Various assortments and limited-edition products will be available, with packaging depicting “Jools Tomte” (≒Santa Claus), a tomte (a traditional Swedish elf) who appears at Christmas time.

*A small town in northern Sweden surrounded by forests and lakes, which is also the hometown of the Jokkmokk name.

Cadeau de Noël

Of particular note are the limited edition “Cadeau de Noël” boxes, designed to look like ribbons wrapped around the Sami, a minority tribe in Northern Europe. 3,240 yen and 5,400 yen are available, with the latter containing sweets exclusive to this product. The latter contains a limited edition of these sweets, and the fantastically designed tin depicts Christmas with Yule Tomte in three different time zones: daytime, nighttime, and midnight.

“Cadeau de Noël” 5,400 yen
Contents: 12 bier au chocolat au lait, 12 bier au chocolat blanc, 20 cigars, 8 bateaux de macadamia, 9 planes de lune


The lineup includes, of course, YOKU MOKU’s popular “cigar,” a confectionary synonymous with the brand, and the limited edition Christmas cigar tin, which comes in packs of 20, depicts a Christmas scene lit up by the Northern Lights and Tomte loading presents onto a sleigh.

“Cigar” Christmas limited edition can (20 cans) 1,620 yen

Holiday Season Assortment

Also new is the “Holiday Season Assortment,” which appears each year with a new illustration. The tin, with a colorful and happy illustration by French female artist Crive, is filled with five kinds of popular YOKU MOKU cookies. The illustration subtly includes the year, so we recommend using the tin to store away memories of the year 2022.

Holiday Season Assortment: 3,240 yen
Contents: 6 cigars, 12 bier au chocolat au lait, 12 bier aux amandes chocolat, 12 plan lunes, 4 cigars au chocolat


YOKU MOKU’s Christmas Collection 2022

【Sales Period】 Tuesday, November 1, 2022 – Sunday, December 25, 2022 *ends as soon as it is gone
【Store】 Department stores nationwide, train station airports, online store
*Cigars (10pcs) and bier au chocolat au lait (12pcs) are not available in the online store.