【For Matcha Lover】 Fukujuen’s 2023 Valentine’s Day will be bonbons with melting “matcha honey” and “Japanese black tea” chocolates!

Fukujuen, a long-established tea store in Kyoto, has released Valentine’s chocolates that are particular about tea. From January 18, 2023 (Wednesday), it will be on sale at Fukujuen shops and major department store event venues nationwide.

Melting bonbon chocolate with “Matcha honey”

Fukujuen’s 23rd Valentine’s Day is filled with chocolates that use carefully selected high-quality tea leaves and make the most of the umami of tea. As the name suggests, “Uji Matcha Bonbon Matcha Mitsu” is a bonbon chocolate wrapped in dark Uji matcha chocolate. When you put it in your mouth, the matcha honey melts and you can taste the bitterness and sweetness at the same time.

Uji matcha bonbon Matcha honey 4 pieces 1,728 yen

Also available is the “Uji Matcha Bonbon Assortment,” which is filled with matcha honey and rich-flavored Uji matcha ganache truffles.

Uji matcha bonbon assortment 8 pieces 3,888 yen

“Japanese black tea” joins the plate-type chocolate

A plate-shaped chocolate “Carre de Chakora” series that brings out the original flavor of tea is also on sale. In addition to matcha and hojicha, from 2023, “Carre de Chakora Wakocha” will join the ranks. Japanese black tea is a type of tea with a moderate astringency and mellow flavor that stands out from tea leaves grown in Kyoto Prefecture. Refreshing Japanese black tea, sweet white chocolate, and crunchy roasted tea leaves make for a perfect match.

Carre de Chakora Japanese black tea 8 pieces 1,296 yen

There are also chocolates that can be eaten “crispy” with tea

Matcha and Hojicha are available in the “Eatable Tea Crunch Chocolat” series. Thinly baked cookie flakes “Fiantine” and rich tea chocolate go well together. It is a chocolate that allows you to enjoy both the taste of tea and the crunchy texture.

Matcha crunch chocolate with tencha 5 pieces 648 yen


Fukujuen 2023 Valentine Chocolate

【Release Date】 Wednesday, January 18, 2023
【Store】 Fukujuen shops nationwide, exhibition halls of major department stores, official online stores
【Official Website】 https://www.fukujuen.com/