【For Matcha Lover】 Gion Tsujiri’s Valentine’s day products are “Uji tea x Western liquor” Japanese chocolate that melts and raw chocolate with lots of matcha!

Gion Tsujiri sells chocolates and sweets for Valentine’s Day 2023 at directly managed stores in Gion Tsujiri and Saryo Tsujiri.

Gateau Bubu Financier Strawberry Matcha, Chocolate Hojicha, Matcha 2,160 yen (6 pieces)

Valentine-limited “Matcha” chocolate & sweets

Gion Tsujiri offers Valentine-only chocolates and sweets that use the brand’s prized matcha green tea. Of particular note is the new chocolate box “CHOCOLAT IVRE”, the first in six years.

Japanese chocolate with a melting texture

As the name “ivre”, which means “get drunk” or “be absorbed in” in French, combines Uji tea and Western liquor to create a luxurious dish. There are 3 each of “Matcha x Rum”, which is a combination of the bitterness of matcha and the sweet aroma of rum, and “Hojicha x Brandy”, which is a combination of Hojicha and brandy ganache wrapped in Hojicha chocolate.

Chocolate ivre 2,430 yen (6 pieces)

Raw chocolate to eat with “sprinkle matcha”

“Matcha raw chocolate” made with plenty of Uji matcha is also available. Matcha and white chocolate are combined to create a smooth texture that melts in your mouth. In addition, matcha is included as a separate accessory, so if you sprinkle it just before eating, you can enjoy the flavor of matcha even more.

Matcha raw chocolate 1,404 yen (9 pieces)

Melty matcha chocolate cream mochi, etc.

In addition, there is also the “chocolat mou”, a “jewel-like” Japanese chocolate with glittering gold leaf, and the “Matcha Mochi Chocolat”, which is a sticky rice cake wrapped in matcha chocolate cream.

Matcha mochi chocolate 1,134 yen (with 5)

New flavors for popular sweets with a chewy texture

In addition, two new flavors have joined the “Gateau Bubu Financier”, a popular sweet with a “soft texture”. The lineup includes “Strawberry Matcha”, which has a perfect balance of sweet and sour strawberries and Uji Matcha, and “Chocolate Hojicha”, which is a combination of bitter chocolate and Hojicha.


Gion Tsujiri Valentine 2023

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