【For Matcha Lover!】 Lawson’s “Fresh Gâteau Chocolat” now available in matcha green tea!


LAWSON’s popular “Fresh Gâteau au Chocolat” has introduced a new “green tea” flavor “Fresh Gâteau au Chocolat Green Tea,” which will be available at all LAWSON stores nationwide from July 5, 2022 (Tuesday).

New “Matcha Flavor” Fresh Gateau Chocolates!

LAWSON’s “Fresh Gâteau Chocolat” is a popular gâteau chocolat that sold more than 1 million units within 4 days of its debut in 2021, and has been renewed in 2022, with more whipped cream and couverture chocolate included in the dough to make it even more moist to the touch. The cream has also been updated to have a lighter and “refreshing” aftertaste.

Now, for the first time, a matcha (powdered green tea) flavor has been added to this popular sweet. The dough is made by baking matcha green tea with a rich, yet refreshing aftertaste and white chocolate in a hot water bath. The topping is layered with matcha sauce and cream, with a crispy chocolate sauce added as a finishing touch. The combination of the matcha flavor and the rich chocolate gives the cake a slightly rich taste.

Fresh gâteau chocolat – green tea 235 yen


Fresh gâteau chocolat – green tea 235 yen

【Release Date】 July 5 (Tue), 2022
【Store】 LAWSON nationwide
【Official Website】 https://www.lawson.co.jp/