【For Resident Evil Fans】 Resident Evil apparel items are now on sale at Don Quixote (discount store)!

Don Quixote, a discount general store, has started selling “Resident Evil” apparel items at stores nationwide from 9:00 am on Sunday, January 15, 2023.

Resident Evil Apparel

The products to be sold this time are all 3 types of pull hoodies printed with impressive marks such as Umbrella, which is familiar with the “Resident Evil” series, S.T.A.R.S., which Chris belonged to, and R.P.D., which Leon belonged to. 2 types of upper and lower sets, 2 types of zip hoodies. All sizes are available in M, L, and LL, and the prices are 3289 yen each [tax included] for pull hoodies, 4389 yen each for boa top and bottom sets [tax included], and 4389 yen each [tax included] for zip hoodies.

In addition, the pull hoodie and zip hoodie will receive a sticker with the same mark as the hoodie as a purchase privilege. You can check the stores that carry it on the page below, so if you’re a fan of the “Resident Evil” series, be sure to check it out!

*Biohazard = Resident Evil


Resident Evil Apparel

【Release Date】 Sunday, January 15
【Store】 Don Quixote nationwide (discount stores)
【Official Website】 https://www.ppihgroup.com/products/biohazard/