【Fujiidera】The town is full of ancient tomb! Town walk & picnic event to feel Food & climate (climinate is pronounced Food in Japanese.) of Fujiidera is held on February 29.

An event where you can actually experience “Kofun (ancient tomb) de picnic” will be held on Saturday, February 29. Take a leisurely walk with a guide and gather in the ancient tomb forest while walking in the history, and enjoy the sweets and breads popular in the city, foods with the motif of the ancient tomb made by Japanese confectionery shops and fashionable drinks for free and leisurely .

Several courses are provided.

There are several courses at “the Kofun (ancient tomb) de Picnic”, which will be announced to participants after the deadline. In each case, tour the spots and facilities where episodes from the ancient tomb era to the Sengoku (civil war) era were engraved with guides, and aim to become a picnic venue in the Kofun no Mori (Forest of ancient tomb) while learning about historical romance. In the middle of the course, you can stop by a popular shop to shop or take a break. The walk around the town is a couple of kilometers, so you’ll feel like a leisurely walk.

The only shops that offer food that appears in the promotion video that is currently open are the popular shops that ranked high in the campaign held on Fujiidera City’s official Instagram account “Fujiideraiku”. Even at this “Kofun (ancient tomb) de Picnic”, the food of those shops will be displayed in a visual style that can be seen on Instagram.

Information on the shop is introduced in the end-roll of the video and on the Fujiidera City Promo Site “Nakanaka Nakanaka Fujiidera”. To Fujiidera City, it takes 15 minutes by semi-express from Kintetsu Osaka Abenobashi Station. It is an event that you can easily participate in, so why not go out on a spring day.


“Kofun (Ancient tomb) de Picnic to feel the food and climate of Fujiidera”

【Event Date】February 29 (Sat), 2020 /In case of rain March 8 (Sun)
【Entry】 https://pc-ent.jp/lot/enquete/pc/top.php?aid=0&h=wNogmtj67ew2f2gv07r