【Fun crafts !?】Kinki University creates a crazy mask cover that fuses with tuna. The pattern of the paper craft is now open to the public!

Kinki University discovered that the paper craft “Tuna Mask” which decocts a mask into a tuna mask has been published on the official Twitter… I don’t know what’s going on.


Madness Mask Cover.

This crazy mask cover can be attached to a regular mask to make you look like you’ve merged with a tuna. It’s full-fledged specification which the body and fins are attached not only to the face, but also to the back of the head. It is only Kinki University that has succeeded in cultivating the world’s first bluefin tuna, and they are serious about their passion for tuna.


The pattern of the paper craft is now open to the public!

On the official Twitter (@kinkidaigakuPR), photos of the actual size of the device, which was printed on A3 paper and made for adults and children in lower grades, and the smaller A4 size version, are now available. As an example, the image of the boy who “became so full of himself that he swam for a while” is very cute.

The paper craft stencils are also available in PDF format, so it might be fun to make them with your family during your “home time” during GW.

A great mask cover for the kids to enjoy!

Training videos that you can do at home are also available!

Kinki University has also released a training video on their official Twitter, “#MuscleKinkiGymnastics at Home“, which you can do at home.