【Gift 4 your pet!】Transform your dog or cat into Goku or Sailor Moon!

Bandai Co., Ltd. and Petio Co., Ltd. formed a tag and created a number of pet supplies featuring two popular animations: Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z!!


NARIKIRI wear means clothes to become a character.
Then here is the 1st products. ( 2,138 yen to 3,218 yen including tax)

OMG…they are completely sailor warrior!

Some wears are easy to wear.

There is also Cape-style “Sailor Moon: Narikiri Cape” (each of 2,678 yen / 5 types) that is easy to put on cats, and “Dragon ball transformation costumes” that looks as if you are standing on two legs just by putting on your forefoot. (Each 3218 yen / all three, dog size: S · M, for cats: 1 size only). Eeny, meeny, miny, moe…

In addition, “Sailor Moon: Narikiri Cape” is for all 5 sailors, and “Dragon Ball: Transformation Dress Up Wear” has a lineup such as Son Goku, Vegeta and Friza.

Not only wear, but goods.

In addition to wear, there is the “dome bed” (6,458 yen) that can be used daily, “Keri Gurumi (means kick plush doll)” (1,058 yen) that the cat is likely to be delighted with, “Cushion” (1,058 yen) and “Pillow for jaw” (5,378 yen).

There is also a large selection of items, including “Backpack” (9,504 yen), which may be useful when traveling with pets.

Shopping information

A brand that collaborated with characters and pet supplies, “CharaPetty”.
Launched online, pet shop, home center from late March 2019.

We will update as soon as we know the shops sold in Osaka Prefecture!