【GODIVA】New soft ice cream ‘Mega Parfait’ from GODIVA is now on sale for a limited time.


It’s coming out on March 16, so I apologize for the delay in providing information. GODIVA is releasing new soft-serve ice cream ‘Mega Parfait’ for a limited time from March 16 (Mon), 2020 at limited Godiva stores.

All three flavors.

The “Mega Parfait” uses about 1.6 times the amount of Godiva soft-serve ice cream, and is a mega-sized item that is both visually pleasing and voluminous. A total of three flavors are available.

The “Mega Parfait Chocolate” looks like a fun parfait to take with you, with chocolate crunch, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, logo chocolate and more. Chocolate lovers will not be able to resist, this is Godiva’s signature chocolate-filled finish.

Also garnished with caramel popcorn, whipped cream, caramel sauce, caramelized almonds, and logo chocolate is the “Mega Parfait Caramel. The “Mega Parfait Strawberry” is topped with strawberries, whipped cream, strawberry chips, strawberry sauce, and logo chocolate, with an adorable pink topping that tickles your heart.



【Sales Period】March 16 (Mon) – June 14 (Sun), 2020
【Price】695 yen + Tax
【Store in Osaka】Abeno Q’s Mall Store, Lalaport EXPOCITY store