【Good 4 souvenir】Memorial package of Cupnoodle will come up!

Nissin Foods Co., Ltd. will release “Cupnoodle New Era Memorial Package”. The logo looks like an auspicious “Daruma” face, and a design with the letters of the new era “Reiwa” on the front.

From left side, “Curry”, “Regular”, “Seafood”

A limited package by Design Office nendo, represented by Mr. Oki Sato. The iconic ingredients and logos of “regular”, “curry” and “seafood” are displayed on the face of the auspicious “Daruma”, and the letters of the new era “Reiwa” are placed on the front.

From Nisshin Foods, “Cupnoodle New Era Memorial Package” will be released on May 1st. Estimated price is each 180 yen (excluding tax).