【Good Deal!】 Four types of “KFC Thank you festival” special “1,000 yen pack” and “1,500 yen pack” were released in total.


The “Kentucky Thank you festival” will be held at KFC stores nationwide, with two “1000 yen packs” and two “1500 yen packs” available from Wednesday, April 20 through Tuesday, May 17!

4 types of value packs

The “Original Chicken” and popular side dishes will be sold in two special “1000 yen packs” and “1500 yen packs,” respectively. In addition to the “Potato (S),” those who purchase the “1000 yen Pack” and “1500 yen Pack” can add any number of “Biscuits” (popular for their slightly buttery flavor and honey maple flavor) and “Choco Pie” (popular for its delicious crispy pie crust and melt-in-your-mouth chocolate cream) for only 300 yen per 2 pieces. You can do it! Enjoy it to your liking!


KFC Thank you Festival

【Sales Period】 April 20 (Wed) – May 17 (Tue), 2022
【Store】 KFC stores nationwide *Some stores may not sell the product. *Some stores may be closed or may change their hours of operation in accordance with the policy of each municipality.
【Menu & Price】
1,000 Yen Pack ①: 1,000 Yen [3 Piece Original Chicken, 3 Piece Kernel Crispy
1,000 Yen Pack ②: 1,000 Yen [4 Piece Original Chicken, Fries (L)]
1,500 yen Pack ③: 1,500 yen [5 pieces of Original Chicken, 4 pieces of Kernel Crispy
1,500 yen Pack ④: 1,500 yen [6 pieces of original chicken, 2 fries (L)

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