【Good Deal】 KUZEFUKU will release [spring luckey bag]! A great collection of tasty and useful items for your new life!

From 12:00 noon on Monday, March 21, 2022, the day of the Spring Equinox, “Spring Fukubukuro” will be available in limited quantities at the official online store of Kuze Fuku Shoten Sanxeel. Priced at 4,200 yen including tax with free shipping! The sale will start at 12:00 noon on Monday, March 21, and will be delivered in order.

KUZEFUKU Spring lucky bag: 4,200 yen (tax included) *Free shipping

What’s inside that I’m curious about?

In this “spring lucky bag,” we have selected 9 convenient items for short cooking time that will be useful for your new life starting in April! With this one set, you can make breakfast, lunch, and dinner in less than 10 minutes each. And we’ve included a few of our most popular products, too! Now, let’s see what it’s all about!

A Moment of Bliss Adult Shake Shake Noodle All you need is cabbage, pork, and an egg, and you’ve got a great set meal in 10 minutes! 80 g sea bream

When you’re busy, you want to eat well and power up! But I want to keep the cooking time as short as possible! In such a case, how about a menu that can be prepared in less than 10 minutes with these 4 items? With warm white rice, rice accompaniments, miso soup with nameko mushrooms in red miso broth, and stir-fried cabbage and pork with a fluffy egg, a splendid set meal is complete.

Blissful Moment Adult Shake Shake Shake Mentaiko 80g

Kusefuku’s No. 1 popular gohan accompaniment is here! Japanese salmon flakes with spicy mentaiko (spicy cod roe) liquid added to give the flakes a strong spicy flavor. It is recommended not only as an accompaniment to rice, but also for stir-frying with fried rice, as furikake for lunch boxes, or as an ingredient in onigiri rice balls.

Delicious with white rice Ume mushroom 130g

Ume Namekake Mushroom” is one of the most popular of the many namekake mushroom series from Kuzefuku. It is made with shredded ume plum, whose crunchy texture goes great with the namekake mushrooms! The enokitake mushrooms are grown in Nagano Prefecture, the plum paste in Wakayama Prefecture, and the shredded plums are also made in Japan. Great with chilled tofu, salad with vegetables, udon or soba noodles!

Mainichi Dashi no Omisoshiru – Domestic nameko mushrooms and Okazaki red miso 5servs

Mainichi Dashi no Omisoshiru – Miso Soup with Domestic Funghi and OkazakiFreeze-dried miso soup that allows you to make authentic miso soup just by pouring hot water over it. The miso used is the same as Kuzefuku’s Okazaki red miso, and Mainichi Dashi is used for flavor. Furthermore, domestic nameko mushrooms are used as an ingredient in the miso soup. The rich flavor and gentle aroma of the red dashi is well represented.

Rice-enriching sauce for cabbage and pork stir-fried with fluffy egg 70g (2-3 servings)

Mix the sauce into the quickly stir-fried pork and cabbage, add a fluffy egg, and you’re done! In no time at all, you’ll have a quick and easy side dish for tonight! The sweet and spicy flavor is perfect with rice.

This makes me look forward to getting up in the morning! Blissful Breakfast

KUZEFUKU’s No. 1 bread accompaniment, an-butter, spread generously on crispy toast! Drink with strawberry milk. I’m worried about calories, but today I’ll just eat whatever I want! Why not have such a morning once in a while to reward yourself for always working hard?

An Butter 125g

This an-butter jam is made with Hokkaido azuki beans and a generous amount of butter. It has an elegant red bean paste flavor and a buttery aroma. It is smooth and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. Spread generously on crispy toast!

Strawberry milk base to be mixed with milk 290ml

Just mix it with milk and you have strawberry milk with a nostalgic taste! Strawberries are stewed as they are, so they are sweet and sour and thick and tender. Please mix and enjoy it with a standard ratio of 2 parts milk to 1 part of this product. If you like, you can increase the ratio of milk to make it less sweet. In summer, we also recommend mixing it with soda!

You don’t even have to prepare any of the ingredients! Perfect pasta lunch for working from home!

When working from home or on holidays, this pasta sauce makes it easy to prepare authentic pasta just by adding it to boiled pasta! Add wakame seaweed soup, which can be eaten simply by pouring hot water over it, and your pasta lunch is ready in no time at all.

Tomato Cream Sauce with Lobster 225g (2 servings)

This luxurious pasta sauce from Cinq C’école is inspired by the taste of “bisque,” a French soup made by simmering shrimp in their shells and then backing them up. Please enjoy it directly tossed with pasta.

Linguine with only wheat and salt (fresh pasta type) 200g (100g x 2 servings)

Boil time 5 minutes! Fresh type pasta made only with durum wheat and salt. This authentic pasta has a sticky texture. The oval cross section of the pasta allows the sauce to be thoroughly tossed, and goes well with seafood and meat sauces.

[Low-sodium] Natural wakame seaweed and seaweed soup 60g

It is filled with natural wakame seaweed from Shimane Prefecture, textured stem wakame seaweed, thick kagome kelp, crispy akamoku seaweed, and other carefully selected seaweeds. Kusefuku’s signature all-purpose dashi broth gives this luxurious dish a soft, mellow flavor. The zipper makes it a convenient lunchtime accompaniment at the office!


KUZEFUKU Spring Lucky Bag

【Release Date】 Mar. 21 (Mon) 12:00 noon –
【Price】 4,200 yen (tax, S/H included) *Limited quantity
【Store】 KUZEFUKU Official Online Store, Rakuten Store

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