【Good Deal】 Sorry for the late notice, but the 30% off pack is on sale at KFC for a limited time starting Feb. 9!


The “30% off pack” will be available at Kentucky Fried Chicken stores nationwide from February 9 (Wed.) to March 3 (Thu.), 2012.

Keep food costs low and eat well.

At this time of the year when people are looking to cut down on food costs, KFC is the place to go for a good meal at a great price! What’s more, you can save up to 650 yen off the stack price!

The “Original Chicken” is seasoned with 11 secret herbs and spices and pressure-cooked to a fluffy and juicy perfection, and the “Kernel Crispy” has a crispy batter with the appetizing flavor of garlic and soy sauce. Both are exceptionally delicious because they are made with only domestically produced chicken and are carefully prepared by hand in the store one by one. Now is the only time you can enjoy this deliciousness at a discount!

More savings!

If you purchase the “30% OFF Pack”, you can also save on additional menu items. You can add as many as you like for 300 yen for two of the following items: the slightly thick and chewy Potato (S), the slightly buttery and sweet Honey Maple Biscuit, and the Strawberry Chocolate Pie, which has been very popular since its launch. All of the menu items go perfectly with chicken, so please enjoy them according to your preference.


30% OFF Pack A”…1,000 yen (Stack price: 1,430 yen) [Original Chicken 3 pieces, Kernel Crispy 3 pieces
30% OFF Pack B”…1,500 yen (Stackable price: 2,150 yen) [Original Chicken 5 pieces, Kernel Crispy 4 pieces

【Sales Period】 Feb. 9 (Wed) – Mar. 3 (Thu), 2022
【Store】 KFC stores nationwide *Some stores may not sell this product.

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