【Good Deal at KFC】 “Hinamatsuri Barrel” will be on sale for 3 days from March 1st. Enjoy 9 pieces of “original chicken” for 1900 yen!


Japan Kentucky Fried Chicken will sell “Hinamatsuri Barrel” at Kentucky Fried Chicken stores nationwide for 3 days from March 1, 2022 (Tuesday). From February 16th, reservations will be accepted at the store.

Let’s enjoy the Hinamatsuri with fried chicken!

How about KFC, which makes everyone happy for an important annual celebration? We recommend the “Hinamatsuri Barrel” which contains 9 pieces of “original chicken” with plenty of volume. From March 1st (Tuesday) to 3rd (Thursday), it will be sold at a special festive price of 1,900 yen.

“Original chicken” is a delicious dish that no one can imitate, because we are particular about domestic chicken and carefully hand-cook it one by one at the store. Befitting an important celebration, there is no doubt that everyone’s smiles will overflow when you line up at the table!

If you purchase “Hinamatsuri Barrel”, you can get a great deal on the side menu that goes well with chicken. “Potato (S)” which is a little thick and irresistible, “Biscuit” which has a lot of fans for its slightly butter flavor and sweetness of honey maple, and “Strawberry choco pie” which is very popular immediately after its release, you can buy as many as you like for 300 yen. You can also buy it. It’s a menu that everyone from children to adults can enjoy, so please join us.

Why don’t you spend a happy Hinamatsuri full of smiles around the “Hinamatsuri Barrel”?


“Hinamatsuri Barrel” (Original Chicken 9 pieces)

【Sales Period】 Mar. 1 (Tue) – 3 (Thu), 2022
【Price】 1,900 yen (tax included)
【Store】 KFC stores nationwide

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