【Good Deal! E-Shopping】A “special set” of popular products is on sale at Calbee’s online shop!

On Monday, May 11, 2020, Calbee Co., Ltd. began selling the “Okaide de Calbee Plus Value Set,” a set of 16 popular products sold exclusively at the Calbee Plus antenna shop, on the official online shop Grano Life for a limited time. It’s free shipping and ends when it’s sold out, so if you’re curious about it, check it out ASAP!


You’ll see what’s in the bag when you open it.

The limited-edition “Jaga Crispy Inca No Mezame (The Inca Awakening.)” and “Hokkaido Imo (Potato)-komachi,” which are available at 14 Calbee Plus antenna shops nationwide, as well as potato chips fried with olive oil, are all included in the assortment. In order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, many stores are closed for temporary periods of time, and this “limited edition” set includes products with expiry dates that are no longer available for delivery to customers. So, you’ll have to wait until you open it to find out what’s in it!

Jaga Crispy “The Inca Awakening.”

5400 yen for items worth more than 10,000 yen!

16 products from 14 antenna shops across the country. The regular store price of 10,000 yen or more is half price! Plus, there’s free shipping! This product may have a shorter expiration date than usual (mid-June to early August), but you can still enjoy the crispy texture that only Calbee can provide.


Calbee Plus Value Set at Home

【Amount of content】 1 box (16 products)
【Price】 5,400 yen including tax (free shipping)
【Release date】 May 11, 2020 (Monday)
*Sales will end when sold out.

【Store (Official Online Store)】http://shop.calbee.jp/granola/shop/g/gOM00001/