【Good for gift】 Cuddly “animal buttocks” motif sticky notes “Cuddly buttocks sticky notes”. There are a total of 8 different types of buttocks, including corgis and pandas!

Cuddly buttocks sticky notes,” sticky notes featuring the “buttocks” of animals, have been on sale since late December 2022.

Animal buttocks on sticky notes?

Cuddly buttocks sticky notes, newly released by Sunstar Stationery, are unique sticky notes featuring the cute butts of hamsters, pandas, corgis, white bears, and other animals. The “Cuddly buttocks sticky notes” have a “puffy” cover that makes you want to touch them, and when you open the cover, you will find a set of 40 paper sticky notes. Just by placing them by your desk, you will be healed at a moment’s notice.

The paw pads, tails, and other details that capture the characteristics of each animal are also a point of interest. The lineup includes a total of eight types, so it is recommended to choose your favorite motifs.


Cuddly buttocks sticky notes

【Release Date】 Late December 2022
【Lineup】 Hamsters, Shiba, Corgi, cats, parakeets, rabbits, pandas, white bears
【Price】 Total 8 kinds, 440 yen each
【Official Website】 https://www.sun-star-st.jp/items/221107013735/