【Good for Gift】 Shu Uemura 2022 Christmas cosmetics include crescent moon-shaped eye palettes from the “Pretty Guardian, Sailor Moon” movie collaboration!

Shu uemura’s 2022 Christmas collection “Shu Uemura x Sailor Moon Eternal the Movie” is now available. The first collection will be available in limited quantities from November 1, 2022 (Tuesday), and the second collection from November 15, 2022 (Tuesday).

Shu Uemura x “Pretty Guardian, Sailor Moon Eternal” the Movie

Shu Uemura’s 2022 Christmas collection marks the 30th anniversary of its collaboration with “Pretty Guardian, Sailor Moon”. The limited-edition cosmetics include galaxy-inspired eyeshadows, prismatic lips, holographic highlighters, and more. The fantastic packaging, which expresses the starry skies of Tokyo, is also noteworthy.

Christmas Collection Vol.1

Eye Makeup Products

The first Christmas collection’s highlight is the Moon Crisis Eye Palette, a nine-color eyeshadow palette in a crescent-shaped package. The palette features mainly beige and brown shades that blend well with the skin, but is also packed with gorgeous colors perfect for special occasion makeup.

The most recommended color is the limited edition color expressed in the palette’s exclusive duo chrome texture, whose hue changes depending on the light. With shades such as “DC3,” which changes from sparkling soft pink to gold, and “DC1,” which changes shades from cool beige to soft pink and warm gold, you can enjoy multi-colored shimmering hues, like stars shining in the universe.

Moon Crisis Eye Palette (limited edition, 7 colors/existing 2 colors) 9,900 yen

Don’t miss the “Eternal Prism Eye Palette,” an eyeshadow palette featuring prismatic pearls, lilacs, and other cosmic colors, four of the six colors are limited editions, including a duochrome that changes shades from cool beige to soft pink to warm gold. It will be your very own “Crisis Moon Compact” for an eye-catching party look.

Eternal Prism Eye Palette (4 limited edition colors/2 existing colors) 7,700 yen

Eyebrows, which determine the impression of eye makeup, are made up with the limited-edition “Naginata” eyebrow pencil. The brown color is easy to blend with any eyebrows to achieve the ideal, beautiful eyebrows.

Hard Formula Hard 9 Seal Brown 02 2,970 yen
Limited to the official online store, Global Flagship Beauty Boutique, and Shu Uemura Official Shop Rakuten Ichiba Store.