【Good for gift】 Tully’s Coffee is now offering new “Bearful” merchandise!

TULLY’S COFFEE (TULLY’S COFFEE) has started to sell new “Bearful” items at TULLY’S COFFEE stores nationwide from September 2, 2022 (Friday).

Stuffed animals and sundries for the 10th anniversary of “Bearful”

New items commemorating the 10th anniversary of Tully’s Coffee’s original character “Bearful” are now available. The lineup includes a tall size plush wearing a bow tie, mugs, bottles, blankets, pouches and bags, and more.

10th Anniversary Bearful (Navy) [Tall] 2,310 yen

Acorn bottle and “Bearful” drawstring pouch

The “Bearful Mug” has a charming design that makes it look as if “Bearful” is peeking out from the edge of the cup. The first stainless steel bottle with the “Bearful” design has a lid that looks like an acorn hat and a handle for easy holding.

The pouch, which becomes the face of “Bearful” when the string is squeezed, is an adorable fluffy texture product. The inside of the pouch is colored pink.


Tully’s Coffee “Bearful” new items

【Release Date】 Friday, September, 2, 2022
【Store】 Tully’s Coffee stores nationwide and online store