【Good for Gift!】 Very Ruby Cut”, a jewelry sweet shop, is releasing a summer-only “Very Ruby Cut Summer Tin”!

Very Ruby Cut”, a jewelry sweet company, has introduced a summer-only “Very Ruby Cut Summer Can”, which will be on sale from June 10, 2022 (Fri.) until early September at the Very Ruby Cut Ecute Shinagawa store and other stores.

Berry Ruby Cut, a new brand of “jewelry sweets”

BERRY RUBY CUT” is a new brand by Grapestone, which operates “Silver Grape” and “Nenrin-ke”. The brand offers a variety of sweets with jewelry motifs, and its signature item, “Beryl Ruby Cut,” is particularly popular, with total sales exceeding 600,000 units in six months.

The “Berry Ruby Cut,” a colorful jewel bonbon chocolate with a crispy baked cookie base. When gently nibbled, the confiture of fruits and berries, along with the secret ingredient of whipped chocolate, melts and overflows, making this a superb product.

Summer Limited Edition “Summer Can” has a retro “floral” pattern.

This time, a summer-only “Summer Can” joins the cute “Beryl Ruby Cut” can series. The limited edition can features a retro-cute floral motif and vitamin colors perfect for summer, and is filled with “Beryl Ruby Cuts” that look like jewels.

Four summery flavors have been selected for the “Summer Tin. The four flavors selected for the “Summer Can” are “Raspberry,” a gorgeous red ruby, “Strawberry,” a pretty pink ruby, “Apple,” a refreshing yellow topaz, and “Orange Lemon,” an energizing orange sapphire.


Bellaire Bee Cut Summer Can

【Launch Date】 Around June 10, 2022 (Friday) to early September
【Price】 1,188 yen
【Store】 Berry Ruby Cut Ecute Shinagawa store, Hankyu Umeda store (limited store until August 31 (Wed)), Haneda Airport Terminal 1 store (limited store until June 30 (Thu)), official online store