【Good for gift】 Winter-only sweets brand “Snow” launches raw chocolate cookie sandwiches and more!

Snow’s Hokkaido sweets brand “SNOWS” will launch a limited edition can of “Snow Sand” and new sweets at limited-time stores in Takashimaya Nihonbashi, Osaka Takashimaya, and Tobu Ikebukuro through the winter of 2022.

Winter-only” Sweets “Snow” from Hokkaido

Snow is a winter-only sweet brand created in 2021 by Kinotoya, a confectionary store in Hokkaido. The lineup includes special sweets from Hokkaido, such as the “Snow Sandwich,” a langdosha cookie sandwich with smooth raw chocolate, and the “Snowball,” a “double raw” truffle chocolate truffle with raw cream covered in raw chocolate.

When it opened in Tokyo and Osaka in November 2021, it attracted a great deal of attention, with customers waiting in line for about two hours.

Snow Sand 5 pieces (white/black) 918 yen each, 8 pieces (white/black) 1,647 yen each, 16 pieces (8 pieces each of white and black) 3,240 yen

Limited edition tin of “Snow Sandwich” baked with raw chocolate sandwiched in between released.

Snow” has released a limited edition tin of “Snow Sandwich” for the year-end and New Year holidays at its limited time store. Snow Sandwich” is a new texture cookie sandwich with a crunchy and smooth texture, sandwiched and baked with raw chocolate made from rich winter pastured milk. 16 pieces of “Snow Sandwich” are packed in an artistically designed limited edition tin.

The assortment includes 8 of each of the two flavors, white raw chocolate and black milk raw chocolate.

Snow Sandwich New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Limited Edition Tin of 16 (8 each in black and white): 3,348 yen

New milk butter candy “Snow One”.

Also on sale is a new milk butter candy “Yuki-Hitotsu,” based on “Butter Candy,” a staple of Hokkaido souvenirs, and made with plenty of rich winter pastured milk. The candy has a rich, full flavor by adding a generous amount of high-fat, flavorful pastured milk. The mellow aroma of butter and the mild flavor of milk can be fully enjoyed in this product. The felt package symbolizing the butter candy will make a great gift.

Snow one (milk butter candy): 540 yen

Limited time store in Nihonbashi, Ikebukuro and Osaka

The limited-time store will be held at the Takashimaya Nihonbashi store until December 20, 2022 (Tuesday), at the Tobu Department Store Ikebukuro from December 15 (Thursday) to December 31 (Saturday), and at the Takashimaya Osaka store from December 14 (Wednesday) to January 3 (Tuesday), 2023. In addition to “Snow Sandwich” and “Snow Ball,” the store will also offer “Morino Miki White,” a baumkuchen with a crunchy and fluffy texture, and “Morino Tree,” a buttermilk chocolate with butter-scented pie crust chopped and mixed into it.

Snowballs 9 pieces, 1,458 yen


Winter Limited Edition “Snow” Hokkaido Sweets

【Sales Period】 Until Tuesday, December 20, 2022
【Store】 Takashimaya Nihonbashi, Osaka Takashimaya, Tobu Ikebukuro, limited time only stores, Snow Online Store
【Official Website】 https://snows-winter.com/