【Good for souvenier】 A new sake and anko (red bean paste) sweet using original sake and rich dark rum is now on sale!

Imuraya, famous for its adzuki bean paste sweets, began nationwide sales of “Rum Sake Anko” and “Sake Anko” on August 18, 2022 (Thursday).

A new type of “eat-as-you-go” sake-and-anko (red bean paste) sweet!

The new product is “Anko with Sake”, a sweet that combines red bean paste with different alcoholic beverages. It comes in a cup type, and can be eaten as is with a spoon, or with bread, crackers, ice cream, etc., to enjoy various combinations.

Rum-scented Anko (red bean paste) is made with Myers Rum, a premier dark rum that is rich and aromatic. Rum raisin minced meat is added to accentuate the texture.

The sake used in the “Sake-Scented Anko” is Imuraya’s original sake “Fukuwagura Junmai Ginjo,” which has a gorgeous aroma like muscat and a refreshing sour taste like apple. The moment you put it in your mouth, you will enjoy the rich flavor with a mellow aroma.


Rum-scented Anko (red bean paste) / Sake-Scented Anko (red bean paste)

【Release Date】 Thursday, August 18, 2022
【Store】 Mass merchandisers and supermarkets nationwide, Imuraya web store
【Price】 Open pricing (The price at the Imuraya Web Shop is 162 yen (tax included).)