【Good for Souvenir】 Milk chocolate flavored with “Chestnut Kinton & Mont Blanc” using Kumamoto brand Japanese chestnuts is now on sale for a limited time only!

“Look (Mont Blanc & Chestnut Kinton)” from Fujiya’s long-selling chocolate “Look” is now available nationwide from August 9, 2022 (Tuesday).

Limited edition milk chocolate flavored with “chestnut sweets

“Look (Mont Blanc & Chestnut Kinton)” is a limited-time-only chocolate using Kumamoto Prefecture’s brand Japanese chestnuts, Kuma chestnuts. The set features two types of milk chocolate, one representing “Mont Blanc” and the other “Chestnut Kinton”, allowing consumers to enjoy a rich feeling as if they were “comparing chestnut sweets”.

The package also features a cute “Kumamon” holding a chestnut in the center. Why not get a head start on the autumn season with the chewy-tasting “chestnut chocolate”?

Left) Mont Blanc / Right) Chestnut Kinton


Look (Mont Blanc & Chestnut Kinton) 130 yen
【Release Date】 Tuesday, August 9, 2022
【Store】 Supermarkets, CVS, drugstores, and mass merchandisers nationwide.