【Good for Souvenir】 SAKUMA MACHINERY “Strawberry Milk” x Sanrio products, including baby Hello Kitty “candy-shaped” pouches and drawstring pouches, are now on sale!

Collaboration goods of Sacuma Seika’s “Ichigo Miruku” candy and Sanrio Characters have been on sale at Sanrio stores nationwide, Sanrio corners in department stores, and other stores since December 8, 2022 (Thursday).

Sakuma Confectionery “Strawberry Milk” x Sanrio Characters

Sanrio’s popular characters and Sakuma Seika’s long-selling “Strawberry Milk” candies have collaborated once again. This time, the collaboration will feature a baby character wearing a strawberry pajama and a retro “strawberry-filled” design.

Mascot with “baby” design

The mascot holder is cute with five characters (Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Kuromi, and Pochakko) holding “Strawberry Milk Candy” in their hands. Around their necks, they wear “strawberry drool caps,” giving them an adorable baby-like design.

Strawberry Milk & Mascot Holder: 5 kinds, 1,870 yen each

Pouch with “candy-shaped” strawberry charm

Also check out the “Strawberry Milk” candy pouches. The pouch is made of many strawberries with drawings of the characters, and also comes with a “strawberry charm.

Strawberry Milk & Candy Shaped Pouches: 5 types, 1,650 yen each

Mini pouches, drawstrings, glasses, etc.

The lineup also includes a heart-shaped can case and mini pouch that can be used to hold small items, a glass with a “Strawberry Milk” pattern, and a drawstring. Each item comes with a “Strawberry Milk,” a crunchy milk mille-feuille wrapped in milky pink strawberry candy.

Strawberry Milk & Mini Pouch: 7 kinds, 880 yen each


“Strawberry Milk” × Sanrio Characters

【Release Date】 Thursday, December 8, 2022
*Pre-sale at the Sanrio Online Shop from 10:00 on December 7 (Wed.).
【Store】 Sanrio stores nationwide, Sanrio corners in department stores, Sanrio online store, etc.
【Official Website】 https://shop.sanrio.co.jp/