【Good for Souvenir!】 Shiseido Parlor releases limited-quantity “Halloween Chocolat” sweets!

Shiseido Parlour’s “Halloween Chocolat,” a limited-quantity sweet, will be available at Shiseido Parlour stores nationwide, mainly in department stores, from September 1, 2022 (Thursday).

Pumpkin, caramel apple, and other “Halloween” limited edition chocolates

Halloween Chocolat is a limited-edition Halloween product featuring an assortment of crunch chocolates. The package is designed to get people in the mood for Halloween, and features a witch, a ghost, and a cat dressed up to go to a Halloween party.

Three “Halloween Chocolat” flavors

Three flavors are available. Pumpkin is white chocolate with pumpkin powder kneaded into it to create a pumpkin flavor. Caramel Apple is a blend of white and milk chocolate with dried apple and caramel powder kneaded into it. The Bitter offers the rich aroma of cacao and bitterness at the same time, so that customers can enjoy both sweetness and bitterness depending on the three flavors.

The “Halloween Chocolat” is sold in two types: a pack of 5 pieces and a pack of 14 pieces. They are recommended not only for Halloween parties but also as small gifts.


Halloween Chocolates

【Release Date】 September 1 (Thu), 2022
【Store】 Shiseido Parlor stores nationwide and online store
【Item & Price】
・Halloween chocolates 5 pieces, 594 yen (2 pumpkin, 2 caramel apple, 1 bitter)
・Halloween chocolates 14 pieces, 1,566 yen (5 pumpkin, 5 caramel apple, 4 bitter)
Sales of all products will end when limited quantities are reached.
【】【Official Website】 https://parlour.shiseido.co.jp/shoplist/