【Good for souvenir】 The 4th collaboration of graniph x Dragon Quest “DQ+g” such as Metal King hoodie and Torneko (Taloon) striped shirt is on sale!

From graniph, a new collaboration collection “Dragon Quest DQ+g Level 4” with the “Dragon Quest” series has appeared. It will be on sale at graniph stores nationwide from January 17, 2023 (Tuesday).

graniph x Dragon Quest “DQ+g” 4th new item

A collaboration collection “DQ+g” that incorporates the unique worldview of Square Enix’s popular game series “Dragon Quest” with playful ideas typical of graniph. This time, the long-awaited 4th edition, a total of 27 types of items will be developed with the concept of “turning everyday life into an adventure”.

“Dragon Quest DQ+g Parker Metal King Narikiri”

For example, “Dragon Quest DQ+g Parka Metal King Narikiri” is a hoodie with a bold print of Metal King’s face on the chest. With a crown on the hood, eight metal slimes in the pocket, and a message window on the inside of the hood, it’s a playful piece that’s typical of graniph.

Dragon Quest DQ+g Shirt Torneko (Taloon)

There is also a lineup of “Narikiri” shirts inspired by Torneko (Taloon) that appears in “Dragon Quest IV: The Guided Ones”. The chest pocket of the shirt, which reproduces the iconic stripe pattern and color scheme, has a message from Nene, Torneko’s (Taloon)’s wife, “Obento” and “Yes, this is obento. Good luck today.” is hidden.

“Dragon Quest DQ+g Socks Frizz/Crack”

One of the must-see items is the “Dragon Quest DQ+g Socks Mera Crack”, which is printed with Frizz and Crack-type jumons. The red socks of the flame monsters “Frizz”, “Frizzle” and “Kafrizzle” and the blue socks of the ice monsters “Crack”, “Crackle” and “Kacrack”. If you align your left and right feet, you can cast a powerful composite spell “Medroa” (maximum annihilation spell) that combines both spells… maybe.

Right) “Dragon Quest DQ+g Socks Frizz/Crack” 880 yen

“Minor” Long T-shirt, the first popular pattern cushion cover

In addition, a long-sleeve T-shirt designed with the mask and characteristic costumes of the familiar character “Minor”, a reversible blouson designed with dark monsters such as Shadow and Shadow Knight, and a cushion that reproduces the popular pattern of the first series. A wide variety of items such as covers are available.

Original design novelty

In addition, if you purchase collaboration items over 5,500 yen including tax at graniph domestic stores and official online stores, you will receive an original sticker, and if you purchase collaboration items at graniph domestic stores and Square Enix e-STORE, you will receive a limited paper bag.


“Dragon Quest DQ+g Level 4”

【Release Date】 Tuesday, January 17, 2023
【Store】 Graniph domestic store, graniph official online store, Square Enix official shop, Square Enix e-STORE