【Good for souvenir】The “Japanese Commitment Bag” will be available in limited quantities from “Moheji”, which handles selected items from all over Japan.

From Kardi Coffee Farm, the “Japanese Commitment Bag” of the original brand “Moheji” that introduces the unique taste of Japan will be available in limited quantities from May 1, 2019. A round bag with a select items such as limited range of rice crackers, pre-sold candy, and a seasoning that spreads the breadth of food following the Japanese basic seasonings “Sa-Si-Su-Se-So”.

1,500 yen (includes tax)


Original Shijima Bag
(Shijimi = Clam)

A long-handed, short-handed handle, as the name suggests, is a chubby crepe bag with a shape resembling a shijimi.

① SA : Sato (Sugar)
Kokuto Kinako Nejiri
(Cane sugar and soybean flour candy)

A simple-flavored sweet made using 100% brown sugar from Okinawa Prefecture for soybean flour made from Hokkaido. The flavor of deep-roasted soybean flour and the gentle sweetness of brown sugar that you cannot help wanting more.

② Shi : Shio (Salt)
Moheji’s Salted rice crackers

It is a thin-baked rice cracker with a taste of the popular seasoning “salt-drop” of Moheji. The taste of garlic with thin cryspy texture and irritant sesami is very delicious. It is a bag limited item.

③ Su : Su (Vinegar)
Peach vinegar candy

Moeji ‘s “peach vinegar to drink” is kneaded into the persimmon dough cooked with the traditional copper pot cooking method. The candies carefully crafted by the craftsmen have a smooth mouth and a sweet and sour taste and peach fruity stand out. It is a bag pre-sales product.

④ Se : Syoyu (Soy sauce)
Hidaka seaweed soy sauce

It is soy sauce blended with the exquisite balance of Hidaka kelp soup stock extracted with a unique kettle pot manufacturing method. The flavor of natural kelp soup will enhance daily cuisine.

⑤ So : Miso
Moromi Miso

It is a moromi miso with a taste of domestic barley. Serve with vegetables, or put on tofu for one-piece dishes. It is also perfect for snacks of liquor. Single use type convenient for individual packaging.

Item Information

Moheji Wa no kodawari bag 
(“Japanese Commitment Bag”)

【Price】 1,500 yen (includes tax)
【On Sale Date】 May 1st
【Stores】Cardi coffee farm real store and official online shop
*Purchase of bags is limited to 3 per person at the actual store.