【Gourmet & Shopping Special】Over 100 brands gather! Valentine event “Amour du Chocolat”

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and closer! This is a great time for chocolate lover and anyone looking for unusual souvenirs, regardless of the Valentine event!

So, this time, I would like to introduce Amour du Chocolat which is being held in Osaka Takashimaya. Valentine’s Day event “2020 Takashimaya Amour du Chocolat” of “Takashimaya” is being held from Wednesday, January 22, 2020 to Friday, February 14, 2020. With over 100 brands from around the world gathering together, this event is truly a chocolate festival!

1. Great attention for chocolate lovers! Japan’s first landing chocolate.

(1) Julien Dechenaud

Julien Dechenaud, a rising chocolate choreographer who trains under a number of famous chocolatiers and finishes the selected ingredients with solid skills, opens its first store in Japan.

We recommend the “Cacao Nib Dragee (left side of pic)” (approx. 100g 3,024 yen, tax included), which is made by coating the bitterness of cacao nibs with milk chocolate and purple powder to create an exquisite balance that won’t get tired.

In addition, “Praline Assort (right side of pic),” which is packed with fragrant pralines, made by roasting and roasting almonds and nuts that are particular to the production area at their own store (3 types, 9 pieces, 3,240 yen, tax included) will also be sold. Also pay attention to the chic package like France.

(2) Vincent Vallee

Winning “World Chocolate Masters 2015”, “Vincent Vallee”, which has been attracting attention, is also the first to land in Japan! The chocolate Chocolate with cranberry praline and strawberry and mint caramel, “heart chocolate (center of the photo)” (1,728 yen / tax included for 4 pieces) is a popular chocolate at the main store.

“Big Heart (left photo)” (1,674 yen each, tax included) is a handmade gem with a raspberry-flavored caramel dome enclosed in a large heart-shaped dark chocolate. The masterpiece “Caramel Dome Assort (Right)” (9 types, 9 pieces, 3,672 yen, including tax) features a ganache using fresh fruits and a glossy and beautiful pattern drawn by Vallee himself with his thumb is a feature.

(3) Ginger Elizabeth Chocolate

Ginger Elizabeth, which has a store in San Francisco, USA, and a lab and store in Sacramento, is just around the corner, is Japan’s first landing. Chocolat is unique to mothers because they are also raising children, and their child-friendly features are unique.

It uses milk, fruit, nuts, and other ingredients purchased from more than 30 contract farmers, and is handmade using local California ingredients. Among them, “California Selection” is expected to be popular (2 types, 6 pieces, 2,592 yen, including tax).

(4) Aux Doigts de Jean Bart Patisserie

Patisserie “Aux Doigts de Jean Bart Patisserie” was founded in 1905 in the French town of Dunkirk near the Belgian border. Above all, “Doigts de Jean Bart” (1,620 yen / tax included. 3 pieces) invented in 1958 is now a specialty that is loved as a regional confection.
A flavorful chocolate confectionery with coffee-flavored butter cream sandwiched between almond and hazelnut-containing dough, and further coated with chocolate.

2. Takashimaya original! Special collaboration of world-renowned masters

“Special collaboration BOX” of Takashimaya-limited assortment that was very popular last year (3,456 yen including tax, including 6 pieces). Selected works of six Chocolatiers active in France are selected.

3. Overseas brand chocolate available only at Takashimaya

(1) Jacques Genin

“Jacques Genin” has a shop in the Marais district of Paris. Chocolat, which has been a hot topic since the opening of 2008 and is said to be exceptional from other chocolates, uses a selection of ingredients, and the combination of cacao and ingredients is exquisite.

“Takashimaya Classic Selection (left side of photo)” and “Takashimaya Fruit Selection (right side of photo)” packed in stylish packages of ganache and praline of coffee, tea, nuts, and adult flavors suitable for tea time and alcohol. (3,132 yen each, tax included) is limited to Takashimaya.

(2) Patrick Roger

“Patrick Roger” has a brilliant career, such as winning M.O.F. (Best French national craftsman). Three types of assorted “Roger (left side of photo)” are sold including almonds raised on their own farm in southern France and classic pralines using hazelnuts from Piedmont. It is a special assortment with new apricot caramel.

(3) Laurent Le Daniel

Laurent Le Daniel has many fans in Japan and has the title of M.O.F. Plenty of French Brittany specialties such as Boldier butter, Guerland salt and Flamboise are used. In addition, it features a high-quality view of the world that uses its own herbs and spares no effort in selecting materials. This time, only Takashimaya will be selling “Takashimaya Selection Valentine Coffret” (8 types, 8 in total, 3,564 yen, tax included) so check it out!

4. Recommended brands by Takashimaya buyers


Xavier Berger’s handmade praline chocolate “Pyrénées salami chocolate” shaped like the Pyrenean specialty “salami”. This is also a limited release at Takashimaya.

(2) Toujours Chocolats

Takashimaya buyers will be selling chocolates jointly developed with Belgian Chocolatiers. This year’s theme is “flowers”. You can also get “Chocolat-au-Flour (6 pieces)” (2,592 yen, including tax) where you can enjoy 6 kinds of flowers such as hibiscus and roses.

(3) Les trois chocolats

From “Les trois chocolats paris”, chocolates using topical materials such as calamansie (citrus), hojicha and orange flowers from the Philippines will appear. Nine assortment “Takashimaya Selection Valentine Coffret” (3 kinds of 9 varieties, 3,564 yen, tax included) handled by Chef Emiko Sano, the first Japanese woman to open a chocolate specialty store in Paris, looks gorgeous.


From “L’ECLAIR DE GENIE” comes a limited version of the popular Langduscha “Miao”, “Chocoramiao (left)” (4 pieces for 918 yen, including tax). There are two types: “Le”, which is made by sandwiching white chocolate and milk chocolate, and “Noir”, which is made by sandwiching bitter chocolate and applying dark chocolate.

“Chocolat Mignon (right photo)” (2,376 JPY / incl. Tax) is a selection of four types of chocolate, such as “Sakura Phrase”, which matches sweet and sour berries and the scent of cherry blossoms, and “Champagne Rose”, which is an adult flavor and very attractive.

5. Eating and social contribution chocolate

(1) Pierre Ledent

Appearing from “Pierre Ledent” is a ganache using Tanzania cacao proposed by a pastry chef from the ancient Belgian capital Liege. In fact, it’s part of a project to donate classrooms to elementary schools in Tanzania.
In addition to the newly introduced coconut ganache, unique flavors such as lemon cello and red pepper are sold as “dis” (10 pieces for 2,970 yen, including tax).


“Quon” creates a place where a variety of people, including people with disabilities, can play an active role as chocolatiers.

Appearing is “QUON Terrine STANDARD2018 Special Selection” (1,620 yen / tax included with 6 pieces). The terrine chocolate is made with special attention to the ingredients, so you can enjoy a gentle and full-fledged taste.

6. Recommended chocolate for health conscious people

A body-friendly chocolate confectionery made with the sugar “Palatinose®”, which is slowly digested and absorbed, has also appeared.

(1) Ma Priere

You can compare the tastes of five localities, such as Ecuador, Dominica and Venezuela.


From “RUYSDAEL”, small Kugloov-type sweets using “Palatinose®”, “Kruul (one each of three types)” (216 yen each, tax included) will appear. Three adorable cakes such as “chocolate chips”, “earl gray” and “espresso” with chocolate are on sale.


From the Austrian Royal Warrant’s confectionery “DEMEL” since 1786, a cookie “Kakaokex (approx. 60 g)” (1,080 yen including tax) using “Palatinose®” has appeared. You can enjoy crisp texture cookies with cocoa nibs that can taste the flavor of cacao.

7. Limited chocolate sweets of popular brands

On Valentine’s Day, the demand for “buying yourself” is increasing year by year. Takashimaya’s lineup of limited chocolate confections for “own-selling”, released by popular brands that can only be tasted during this season, has been enhanced this year!

(1) Le Cordon Bleu

From “Le Cordon Bleu”, “Premium Chocolate Macaron 125eme Aniversell” (5 pieces for 1,998 yen including tax) is made by sandwiching macaron with ganache and praline using organic cacao from “Kakaoka” and coating with chocolate.


From popular “CLUB HARIE”, “Chocolate balm” (2,160 yen each, including tax), which allows you to enjoy moist dough and butter and rich ganache together. This seasonal Baumkuchen is very popular every year. 

(3) HenriCharpentier

From “HenriCharpentier” comes “finacolle2020” (2,268 yen / tax incl. 6). You can enjoy the taste only during this time, which is decorated with chocolate and financier with dried fruits and nuts.


Amour du Chocolat 2020 in Takashimaya

【Event Schedule】January 22 (Wed)-February 14 (Fri) 2020
【Location】7th floor special venue of Osaka Takashimaya
【Address】5-1-5 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
【Hour】10:00 – 20:00