【Gourmet special】28 stores that opened in Osaka in 2019 to enjoy exquisite gourmet food

In 2019, facilities of various sizes and genres, such as the first landing in Kansai, the first landing in Japan, and large commercial facilities near major stations, were born and became a hot topic.

This time, we will introduce the shops where you can taste exquisite gourmet from the spots opened in 2019.

Grand Front Osaka

“Grand Front Osaka” has been progressively renewed since April 2018.
In March 2019, “Grand Front Osaka Shop & Restaurant” expanded the restaurant and food sales zone “Umekita Cellar” on the basement floor of Umekita Plaza to the basement floor of the South Building and reopened it.

(1) Horiuchi Fruit Garden

“Horiuchi Fruit Garden” is a shop that enjoys fruit farms that run for generations at the foot of Yoshino, Nara Prefecture. The original blended sandwich with plenty of additive-free dried fruits, syrups, confitures, and fruits is packed with plenty of fruit and is excellent for eating.

(2) Yamabiko Bakery

Popular bakery “Yamabiko Bakery” has a café and opened its first store in Umeda. Under the theme of “local production for local consumption,” plenty of ingredients are used to bring out the taste of bread, such as milk on Tamba ice and eggs from Wakayama.


Grand Front Osaka
【Hour】11:00 – 23:00
【Address】4-1 Ofukacho, Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka

Crysta Nagahori

“Crysta Nagahori” is an underground passage that connects Osaka Metro Nagahoribashi Station, Shinsaibashi Station and Yotsubashi Station. “Food” theme street “KURAPERO” opened in December 2019!
Numerous shops and sweets shops that can “having just a few drinks” appear in style, reborn as underground passages with unique shops, and The stores that workers on the way home from work and housewives on the way home from shopping can having just a few drinks smartly are gathering.

(3) Standing sushi, “Pura sushi”

Standing eateries, you can enjoy authentic nigiri sushi “Standing sushi Pura sushi”. The price is reasonable, so you can use it casually on your way home from work, lunch, or going out.

(4) chicken&egg CASSIWA

“Chicken & egg CASSIWA” offers not only standard Oyakodon but also Oyakodon which can only be tasted here, such as “Oyakodon x Tomato Cheese” and “Oyakodon × Mabo”. There are many meals that go well with yakitori and sake at dinner! Perfect for a cup after work.

(5) Mochi cream Plus

“Mochi cream plus” is popular for “mochi cream”, which is ice cream, Japanese sweets and fruit. There is a whole juicy fruit in the mochi. If you eat immediately, you can enjoy the difference in texture that becomes crunchy and fluffy over time.

(6) One bites Inari, Muroya

One Bites Inari, Muroya is a specialty store of Inari that uses yuzu vinegar rice. Don’t miss Kochi’s local cuisine, country sushi and various seasonal snacks.


【Hour】8:00 – 22:00
【Address】2-4 Minamisenba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city


In July 2019, “SIGN OF THE FOOD” opened its grand opening in Osaka “Namba CITY”! All are the first stores in Kansai, and are a food theme park where you can enjoy the most advanced sweets.


A specialty store for Japanese tea milk tea “OCHABA”. You can enjoy Japanese tea milk tea that was developed in collaboration with a long-established Japanese tea specialty store in Shizuoka. Also, you can take “Shibu Kawaii” photos with Mt. Fuji inside the store! Why not try a new way to enjoy Japanese tea?

(8) Ashitaga Tanoshimisugite

“Ashitaga Tanoshimisugite (Tomorrow is too fun)” is a sister brand of the luxury bread specialty store “Hijyoshiki (Insane)”. Anyway, delicious bread would be perfect for a bite at the hotel.


“CRAZY STRAWBERRY” is a strawberry sweets specialty shop with the theme of “Cute! Delicious! Strawberry sweets.” From around the world, you can select the most delicious strawberries at any given time, and enjoy different sweets without changing the recipe depending on the type of strawberries.

(10) Puri—n!

At Puri — n (Pudding), you can purchase pudding that focuses on dairy products such as fresh milk from Hokkaido, butter from Japan, and additive-free fresh cream. You can buy it and eat it on the spot, so it’s perfect for a little dessert when you’re hungry!

(11) Chocola

In Chocola, you can enjoy a combination of soft cream with rich fresh cream and special chocolate using Vietnamese cacao beans, such as “fresh chocolate cream”, which is catchy in appearance. By “squeezing” chocolate on fresh cream soft, you can taste a new “chocolate x soft serve” that is not found anywhere.

(12) marcona

“Marcona” is the ultimate almond chocolate specialty store that uses the world’s finest carefully selected ingredients, the marcona species called the queen of almonds. Here you can enjoy freshly made almond chocolate every day.

(13) of the oven

Of the oven’s specialty is “cocoa beans”. The shop manages and grows cocoa beans from Vietnamese plantations to import and processing. You can enjoy freshly baked chocolate baked goods using such cacao beans.


【Hour】10:00 – 21:00
【Address】Namba City Main Building 1F, 1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka-city

Osaka New Hankyu Hotel Food Hall

“Osaka Shinhankyu Hotel Food Hall” opened in September 2019. Located on the first floor of “Osaka Shin Hankyu Hotel”, it is a sophisticated space with a casual atmosphere that is easy for anyone to enter. Because it is located in the center of Umeda, not only foreign tourists but also casual shopping can be visited, so a wide range of generations from children to adults can enjoy.


“UMAMI BURGER” is a hamburger restaurant originating in Los Angeles that boasts a high popularity in the local area, being selected as one of the 17 most influential burgers in history. The umami that is born from the exquisite combination of moist fluffy buns, thick and juicy patties and various ingredients is truly exceptional. Osaka Shin Hankyu Hotel store original menu is also available.

(15) Mawaru Ganso Sushi

(Original sushi that goes around)

The sushi restaurant “Mawaru Ganso Sushi” has a motto of offering fresh Edo-style sushi at a lower price than anywhere else. We cook all the delicious fresh fish in the shop and provide it with a lot of time and effort. The most popular is the tuna.


“IL PANZEROTTO” is a specialty store of soul food “Panzelot (wrapped fried pizza)” originating from the province of Puglia, southern Italy. There are plenty of mozzarella cheese in the panzerot that is filled with the authentic Italian taste as it is, and there is also a sweet-style panzerlot called “chocolata” with chocolate inside, so it is sweet This is a shop you want to stop by when you want to eat but also when you want to eat salty food.


Osaka New Hankyu Hotel Food Hall
【Hour】11:00 – 22:00
【Address】1-1-35 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-city

Hoop Dining Court

“Hoop Dining Court” opened on the first basement floor of Abeno Hoop in Osaka in September 2019. There are 400 seats of various types, such as relaxing sofa seats, large table seats that can be enjoyed by a large number of people, and easy-to-use counter seats. There are a number of shops in Kansai, including the popular ramen shop in Nara, where the line is constant.

(17) Ramen House Mitsuba Abeno Branch

The popular ramen shop “Mitsuha Abeno Abeno Branch Office” is not endured by the procession of Nara prefecture. The appeal of this ramen is its creamy and mellow “foam ramen”. Soup and homemade noodles are a new flavor that has never been experienced before.

(18) I.T.O.Meat Bar Dining

“I.T.O. Meat Bar Dining” where you can easily enjoy meat and alcohol. Especially noteworthy T-bone steak is full of volume. This is good to share with your friends and eat.

(19) Hakata Lab

Hakata LAB is a place where you can enjoy the taste of Hakata, such as iron pan dumplings and teppanyaki meat. Hot dumplings put on an iron pan are exquisite!

(20) Rice people, Nice people!

“Rice people, Nice people!” offers Asian food from Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore. Ethnic flavors such as herbs and spices addictive.

(21) Shunsai and Sake Anbai

“Seasonal and Sake Anbai” where you can enjoy seafood. You can taste carefully selected sake. The combination of seafood and sake with outstanding freshness is definitely!


Hoop Dining Court
【Hour】11:00 – 21:00
【Address】1-2-30 Abenosuji, Abeno-ku, Osaka-shi

Chayamachi Arco

In March 2019, a new dining area “Chayamachi Aruko” will opened under the viaduct on the north side of Hankyu Umeda Station in Osaka! Seven varieties of shops such as “bakery cafe”, “Kushiage”, “Italian”, “Steak”, “Spanish cuisine”, “Sake bar”, and “Chinese” have appeared, and walk around the town more than ever before. You can enjoy.

(22) CarneSio west

CarneSio west, a difficult-to-reserve popular shop with stores in Ebisu and Otemachi, Tokyo, opened its first store in Kansai. Charcoal grill and wine!

(23) Chayamachi Mary

“Cayamachi Marry” is a new type of sake bar that opened in Osaka for the first time. This is a shop where you can enjoy a full range of sake, including sake comparisons, snacks, and sake soft serve. If you want to try Sake, let’s visit here!


First place in the Tokyo metropolitan version of Ramen Pia new store category, Ginza’s hottest shop “SHIBIRE-NOODLES, Rosokuya (Candle Shop)” finally opened in Kansai for the first time. The only place where you can get the popular Mabo noodles! It’s often lined up, but the rotation is so fast that you won’t have to wait that long!

(25) The City Bakery

“THE CITY BAKERY,” the first street-level store to open, is a bakery and cafe that has been loved by foodies in New York. Not only bread, cookies and muffins, but also Japanese original burgers and deli.

(26) Kushiage Kitchen Dan

“Kushiage Kitchen Dan” is Umeda’s first store. An affiliated store of Kitashinchi Kushikatsu-Bon, a high-grade skewer that has won one Michelin star for eight consecutive years. The skewer-fried skewer that can be enjoyed with high-quality ingredients such as foie gras is attractive.


A new Italian-style “TORERO TAKEUCHI” business format, also listed in the Michelin Guide, opened in Umeda for the first time. You can enjoy Italian cuisine where the chef takes full advantage of the ingredients.

(28) Maspi

The first store in Umeda to open a new business format, “Maspi,” is a store that has acquired “Bib Gourmand”, which is given to stores that offer high quality food at affordable prices. You can enjoy the food and wine of Spain and Catalonia, such as Barcelona, ​​as if you were eating locally.


Chayamachi Arco
【Hour】Depends on each store
【Address】1-6-2 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi