【Grand Front Osaka】5 days of sumo wrestling! Umekita Place in Grand Front Osaka 2020 will be held.

“Spring has come! Umekita Place in Grand Front Osaka 2020” will be held at Grand Front Osaka from February 26 (Wed) to March 1 (Sun).

Since 2017, Grand Summit Osaka has been hosting a sumo event called “Umekita Place,” where you can experience the impressive sumo wrestlers’ upcoming activities in line with the early spring’s Osaka tradition, “Otsumo March Place”. This fourth year, the event will be expanded to a five-day event. In order to have you enjoy the fun of sumo wrestling, a wide variety of contents such as gourmet, photo spots, and live events will be held.

The largest ever!
5 days of sumo wrestling.

This year, the first five days, will be powered up. The ring will be open to the public, authentic Chanko and sumo latte art will be on sale, and live paint will be provided by painter using Sumi (Japanese ink) working around the world. Please enjoy the world of sumo such as gourmet and art with “five senses”.

February 26 (Wed)-

The Sumo ring appears at Knowledge Plaza!

Last year, a popular event that filled the venue with about 5,500 visitors. The Sumo ring will be a full-fledged one that is also used in national polity, general and regional tours.

Location: North Building 1F Knowledge Plaza

Sumo Photo Spot

Sumo photo panels appear around the ring that will appear on Wednesday, February 26! Become a big wrestler and take photos with a full-fledged ring.

Location: North Building 1F Knowledge Plaza
*It will be installed in the UMEKITA FLOOR gallery space on the 6th floor of the North Building.

Let’s drink sumo latte art!

A strong wrestler usually appears as a latte art!
A cup that makes you want to take pictures.

Location: North Building 1F CAFE Lab.
Price: 500 yen + Tax

February 28 (Fri)-

Let’s eat Chanko!

Authentic Chanko, available in two flavors, salty and curry, will be sold for a limited time.

Location: North Building West Sidewalk

Date & Time
February 28 (Fri) 8: 00-14: 00
February 29 (Sat) 11: 30-14: 30
March 1st (Sun) 10: 00-17: 00

February 29 (Sat)

Sumo wrestler live paint!

Sumi Painting live paint show by Painter using Sumi, “Okazu” who worked on key visuals for flyers!

Location: North Building 1F Knowledge Plaza

Date & Time
February 29 (Sat) 13: 00-

March 1 (Sun)

Sumo character demonstration!

Let’s have the desired character drawn with sumo characters written in the sumo wrestling number etc!

Location: North Building 2F Event Space

Date & Time
March 1 (Sun)
①12: 00 ~ ②13: 00 ~

Umekita Basho (place)

The main event of this event. Let’s see the powerful sumo!

【Date & Time】
March 1 (Sun) 14:00-15:30
(Time schedule will be below)

Time Shedule

14:00 Yosedaiko (drum)
14:05 Sumo Jinku (A kind of Japanese music)
14:10 Rock–paper–scissors tournament
14:20 Kids Photographing
14:30 Hairdressing demonstration
14:40 Shokkiri (A spectacle that introduces a mismove in Sumo wrestling humorously)
14:50 The ceremony of entering the ring
15:00 Taiko Uchiwake (Demonstration of drumming)
15:05 Team competition
15:25 Uchidashi (End of Sumo)

About admission ticket distribution

It will be distributed from 10:00 on March 1 (Sun) at Knowledge Plaza, Grand Front Osaka North Building 1F (Marked as star).


Spring has come! Umekita Basho (Place of Sumo wrestling)

【Event Period】 February 26 (Wed) – March 1 (Sun)
【Sumo Event】March 1 (sun)
【Location】Grand Front Osaka North Building
【Address】3-1 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi