【Grand Front OSAKA (Umeda)】Curry Tavern “YELLOW” will open on June 17.


Soupstock Tokyo will open curry pub “YELLOW” in Grand Front Osaka on June 17th.

Variety of menu

YELLOW offers a menu inspired by food culture and cuisine from around the world, including India.

A crepe-like dish “Egg Hopper” (482 yen) eaten in South India and Sri Lanka, a curry “YELLOW bowl curry” (510 yen) that can be selected from three types of meat, vegetables and seafood, and specially made sauce overnight In addition to about 30 dishes made from over 40 kinds of spices such as pickled deep-fried “spiced deep-fried” (¥ 908 / all except tax), Osaka’s local beer, spiced gin, whiskey cocktail, non-alcoholic cocktail Drink menu such as is prepared.

Giving a treat system!?

YELLOW will develop a unique service “Ogoribito (Buy someone dish)” where friends are increasing. The person who came out of the dish with a mark from among the ordered dishes can nominate a customer (Ororarebito = person who is treated) who is at another table in the store and pay for accounting. The cost will be borne by YELLOW.

Store information

Curry Tavern, YELLOW

【Opening Date】June 17 (Sun), 2019
【Address】Grand Front Osaka South Building 1st floor
4-20 Daisen-cho, Kita-ward, OSAKA
【Hour】Lunch & Tea Time / 11:00 – 17:00 / Dinner / 17:00 – 23:00
【Regular Holiday】Follow Grand Front OSAKA
【URL】 https://www.yeeellow.com/