【Haagen-Dazs】”4-layer berry cake” debuts in Lawson Limited & other new items.


Haagen-Dazs Japan will sell a new product “4-layer belly cake” of the Lawson limited series “My Sweet” from April 30 for a limited time.

324 yen (includes tax)

Haagen-Dazs, My Sweet, “4-layered Berry Cake”

“My sweet” is a limited series of Lawson that can enjoy the taste of luxurious sweets in the meaning of “My favorite sweets”. “4-layered Berry Cake” is a new work in which a four-tiered luxury cake is expressed according to the brand name.

The buttery custard ice cream with butter added has a good texture of butter cookies inside. On top of that, there is a berry sauce containing crude blueberry flesh and a milk ice cream with the refined and colorful aroma of “fermented and distilled liquor from cherries” and “Kirsch”.

It is a sweet treat for a little adult, with a berry sauce spread out on the top side and a vivid, premier feeling.

Other new ice cream

【May 7 release】Haagen-Dazs Juicy Bar, “Mango & Blood Orange”

294 yen

It is a juicy taste that feels like summer, but you can enjoy a rich but refreshing acidity.

【May 21st release】Haggen-Dazs
Crispy Sandwich
“Creme Brulee of Matcha”

294 yen

Creme brulee of Matcha is a new work that you can enjoy the compatibility between Matcha custard and caramel.

【May 21st release】Haggen-Dazs Mini Cup
“Hojicha Latte”

294 yen

“Hojicha Latte” is a popular flavor released in 2017.

【June 11 release】Haggen-Dazs Mini Cup
“Caramel Butter Cookie”

319 yen

It is a new work that expresses a caramel sundae that is rich but moderately salty.