【Haagen-Dazs】Tea latte ice cream that combines two kinds of tea leaves is released for a limited time.


A deep flavor “Tea latte-Assam & dimbula-” has been released from April 23 for a limited time from Haagen-dazs, that you can enjoy two types of tea latte.

272 yen (+tax)

Too luxury! Tea latte ice cream that combines two kinds of tea leaves.

It is cup ice that can enjoy the contrast taste of 2 kinds of tea latte ice cream. There is a marble-like combination of ice cream that uses Assam tea leaves that are well-matched with lukewarm sweetness, and ice cream that uses dimbula tea leaves that feature aroma and astringency. Assam ice cream is rich in taste, and Dimbula ice cream is finished with a fragrant and clean finish.

The secret taste is …

The taste is clean overall, there is a richness. The secret is caramel! Because caramel is included, you can also feel rich and deep taste.

Item Information

Tea latte-Assam & dimbula-

【Price】272 yen (+tax)
【On-sake Date】April 23, 2019
【Store】Supermarkets, convenience stores, department stores nationwide
【Website】 https://www.haagen-dazs.co.jp/koucha_latte/