【HAMA SUSHI】Black-throat Sea-perch & Gorgeous Nigiri!


“Hama Sushi” will hold “Nodoguro (Black-throat Sea-perch) and Gorgeous Nigiri” fair from April 25 for a limited time. It is a fair that includes “Nodoguro (Black-throat Sea-perch) “, “Sawara (Spanish mackerel)” and “Sayori (half-beak)” which are seasonal materials.

Limited items

Roasted Nodoguro
150 yen (+tax)

You can enjoy the flavor and taste of fatty body by burning in the shop.

Roaseted SAWARA
by salt
150 yen (+tax)

It is made into “Roaseted SAWARA by salt” that tightens the body with salt and the taste spreads as you bite.

100 yen (+tax)

“Sayori (half-beak)” is a spring fish. Enjoy the taste of spring!

Gunkan of cuttlefish sashimi mixed with sea-urchin
100 yen (+tax)

You can enjoy tasting of thick sea-urchin and resilient cuttlefish sashimi.

*All are limited quantities and will end as soon as they are gone.