【Hankyu Men’s OSAKA】Men’s makeup event held for a limited time.

The comprehensive men’s cosmetic brand “FIVEISM x THREE” will hold a men’s makeup event “FIVEISM force” at Hankyu Men’s Osaka from April 27 to May 12, 2019.

The day of Men’s Make up

“FIVEISM x THREE” has officially established Boy’s festival day as “Men’s Makeup Day” through the Japan Foundation for General Incorporated Association. At the event “FIVEISM FORCE” to be held together, you can try all make-up products of “FIVEISM x THREE”, and experience everything from playful makeup to makeup that produces an intelligent and sharp impression, and those All products can be purchased.

Deployment item example
Left) “Naked compression bar” 10g SPF 19 / PA ++ 5,200 yen + tax
Right) “Eye Shade Transformer” 2g 3,500 yen + tax

Support for men’s total beauty

In “FIVEISM x THREE”, at the head of a base makeup series that produces healthy bare ski, they develop an eye shadow “eye shade transformer” that produces impressive, deep eyes as a makeup series that brings out the beauty of men, and lip color “lip defense” to finish to mat with natural color and support men’s total beauty.


Men’s makeup day special promotion “FIVEISM FORCE”

【Opening Period】April 27 to May 12
【Location】Hankyu Men’s OSAKA