【Hankyu Umeda】”Marni Market”, which is inspired by “Moon”, will be held for a limited time. Hankyu limited items will be come up!

“MARNI MOON MARKET” will be held at Osaka / Hankyu Umeda Main Store 3F . The period is from June 16th to 25th.

“Marni Market” held by Maruni irregularly and visited by many people every time. This time, unlike the usual sunny atmosphere, the Marni Moon Market, as the name suggests, creates a world full of surprises inspired by the moon.

Popular items.

In the store covered with bold graphic of yellow, blue and purple, items that have been popular in Maruni Market such as handmade “Picnic bag” and “Stripe bag” with refreshing nylon mesh material to line up.

Strip Bag (Lacquer red) / 18,000 yen

Strip Bag (Pink candy) / 18,000 yen

Picnic bag mini (Forest night) / 16,000 yen

Picnic bag mini (Lemon) / 16,000 yen

“Picnic bag mini” (Red Mix) / 16,000 yen

Exclusive to Hankyu
Picnic bag mini (Green Mix) / 16,000 yen

Will be release on June 20. (Thu.)

Canapa Bag / 8.600 yen

Will be release on June 22. (Sat)

“Hammock bag” sold out immediately will be also released.

The Hammock Bag, which was sold out at the Marni Market, which was held prior to the opening of the flagship store in Omotesando, will also be released. Hankyu Umeda main store limited color pink appears.

The Hammock Bag (blue) / 17,000 yen

Exclusive to Hankyu
The Hammock Bag (pink) / 17,000 yen


Interior supplies include spacecraft-like petite sofas and lamps, rocking chairs, lounge chairs, and colorful cushions made of PVC tubing. Bandana which is cute according to the bag appears in pop print depicting UFO and robots.

Left) Chair for one 78,000 yen
Middle) Table 42,000 yen
Right) Chair for two 105,000 yen



【Period】June 19 (Wed.) to 25 (Tue)
【Location】Hankyu Umeda Main Store 3rd floor, Kotokoto Stage 31
【Address】8-7 Kakuta-machi, Kita-ku, Osaka